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A nice new accessory has launched for iPhone which is the Andoblil double sided mag phone grip, not only does it work with non mag safe iPhone accessories it includes a magnet inside that in effect will make it, you will understand more in the video review below how this works which is really cool.

Keeping your phone out of your hands during the day when working cooking or whatever the case maybe can be a challenge and this is where this accessory comes to the rescue which is neat. It has a really strong magnet too which is important and effective and one of the better magnet based products I have seen for iPhone over recent times.

In the well presented package you get two magnet pads and another two for non magsafe which is really cool and also you get the ring grip which is self explanatory these days, this allows you to leave your device down on a surface without having to remove the case and watch content and so on. The pads can be placed anywhere in your home to act as another way to keep your grubby hands of your device which is a good thing and overall a clever well made package that I would see as an investment and not expensive either, see the video below for more and how it works.

The magsafe ring holder can snap directly to magsafe cases, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max,13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini. Magnet will stronger if use metal ring. If use Non-Magsafe regular iphone case, you can use metal ring to enhance magnet.

Andobil ringholder magnet - techbuzzireland
Andobil ringholder magnet – techbuzzireland

You can switch or turn your fingers to suit the grip, and when trying to take a photo, hold with one finger to switch lenses. By the way, Grip also lets you hold your phone in one hand while holding your coffee. Hold your phone with just one finger[Multi-Angle Viewing] Easily rotate your ring holder 360° and flip to 125° for a comfortable viewing position when watching a movie, YouTube or facetime someone on any flat surface. Smooth 360° rotation, without disassembly, without stuck fingers


USA: (Carbon fiber, sparkel silver, Gold Lutz Marble, Gradient Colorful) Use “20V215YR” for 20% off

USA: (Black, White, Blue, Gemstone) Use “20UIKZN8” for 20% off


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