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Bone conduction headphones are getting popular to some extent now and we have covered several pairs to date here on the site and our YouTube channel, they do all look familiar due to limitations I guess but they are often overlooked as an alternative to earbuds, if you have not checked out a pair of these yet you might be in for a surprise with how well they actually work and they are better for your ears tpo and not only that you can hear your surroundings no matter how you chose to wear them or at what sport you play.

As mentioned yes the sports fan will like these and can be worn anywhere and will not fall off your neck either they are really light and simple  to use with a clean design too with one side doing all the control work with just three buttons that gives you all you need to do on the go.

You can use these as an MP3 player which is great and means you do not have to carry your phone with you and there is 32 GB of storage on board to load up to 5000 tracks which is more than enough for most people. You can toggle between your mobile and phone on the headset in one simple step skip and reverse tracks and higher/ lower the volume, there is no voice assistant access from my testing which is fine and not a deal breaker.

Battery life is pretty stellar too and you have no app access or EQ built in so nothing to draw down the battery bar your volume levels and for me around 11 hours was the average max volume. For the sound it will not be like TWS earbuds or headphones by any means a however it is crisp and clear it must be said and the same for calls, no lag latency noted either during testing and overall pretty much mid range throughout with no overlapping audio, highs lows and mids came through pretty clean and a touch of bass they do a better job than you would think and for me an easy suggestion for those who want something robust and still delivers decent audio and they are great for lying in bed too which is where I spend a lot of time testing headphones and earbuds as well as outdoors.

The built quality is solid here and again easy to use controls so overall a simple to use bone conduction headset executed well. See the video review below for more details and how these work.


【Healthier&safer way to enjoy music】Wissonly wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones made by the lastest bone conduction tech,which delivers audio through the cheekbone instead of air,it will protect hearing without damaging tympanic membrane.It is an open ear design head phone, which helps you maintain your awareness of the surrounding environment and is safer for outdoor use.

【High grade sound quality】Wissonly bone conducting earphones one of the few bone conduction earphones with hifi sound quality.It has a wider range, and we perfectly solve the problem of sound leakage.

【IPX8 waterproof headset】Wissonly over ear sports headset certified with IPx8 waterproof grade,it can still work under 20 meters of water.Its excellent water resistant and sweat resistant performance makes it suitable for swimming, running, workout,cycling, mountaineering, diving and other outdoor sports.

【Both Bluetooth earphones and MP3 player】The earphone provides Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity , which can be adapted to most brands of mobile phones, computers or other devices.It has 32g built-in memory and can hold 5000 songs. You can use it as an MP3 player when there is no mobile phone or computer. It is very suitable for outdoor use.

【Excellent battery life】The battery capacity of wissonly bone conduction headphones is 230mAh,it can play music continuously for 12 hours(for 50-60% volume).The headphones adopts magnetic suction and fast charging technology, which can be fully charged in 2 hours.


Video review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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