The dental industry is huge money and there is thousands of products on the market today to help keep your delph clean not only that other areas in the dental industry is huge and when it comes to getting certain procedures done people will pay big bucks to have their teeth shine and often go abroad to do so, there is no need to have a set of teeth that requires sunglasses to look at but some do it but there is products available that are affordable too and this brand that sent us over this kit to check out is one of them.

Brand Story
Founded in 2015 by Even Meng, Soocas is a company that focuses on R&D and design of electrical personal care products. Some of the product categories Soocas has to offer are electric toothbrushes, water flossers, shavers, and hair dryers.

Regarding the R&D, there are 850m² or about 9,150 ft2, 18 individual testing labs, 320+ technology patents granted, 200+ inspection equipment in Soocas lab, and the certification of FDA, CFCC etc. Regarding the Design, they have won Germany’s iF World Design Award 4 times, Germany’s Reddot Design Award 3 times, Japan’s Good Design Design Award 2 times, China’s AWE Design Award once

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Soocas team specialises in designing and producing elegant and premium products with innovative technologies to improve customers’ quality of life.

In recent years, the electric toothbrush has reached a wide spread of audience. However, one of the most common things that electric toothbrushes share is the tradeoff between size and motor. This leads us to ponder if we are capable of finding the perfect balance between the two components and creating an electric toothbrush that is a compromise of size and power.

Soocas W1 White Cordless Portable Water Flosser

What is it all about then, You get a well presented package to start with and an easy to use product with several heads that are interchangeable and easy to do so on the container there is settings to adjust the speed for the desired head in use, now for me it was a simple product to use and after two weeks of use I could see and feel a difference in my teeth and the clean feeling you get from a dentists visit after a polish and scale which is advisable every six months.

What is great with this it is portable but do ensure there is no water inside when travelling and I have carried it on recent trips out of the country so for plane travel it is fine. I have not had it 90 days to consider the charge longevity but I have it about a month and still no need to charge and that is using it twice a day every day so it looks good for their claims which is also a great battery life and a four hour charge will fully charge it so in that aspect this is good.

This kit comes with everyone in mind including those who wear braces which is a trend these days from what I see and my daughter has braces which cost a fortune by the way and she has her own nozzle to use on hers and she enjoys it and can also feel a difference. With 4 speed modes to suits each ones needs it is an ideal kit to have that is portable and more than one person can use it if the tools suit the people in your household as did for me check out the video review for more below.


Deep Cleaning: Water pulses range from 60 – 120 PSI with 1,300 pulses/min and create 0.66mm concentrated water flow for precise cleaning.
4 Cleaning Modes: Gentle, Standard, Gum Care, and Pulse Mode to cover different flossing needs.
4 Specialized Nozzles: Standard, Gum Care, Pulse, and Tongue Scraper. All have a 360° rotational capability for both regular teeth and braces.
Portable: Leak-proof detachable water tank and a nozzle storage bag make traveling easy.
Sufficient Capacity: Stores 5 ounces (150ml) of water to support a hassle-free experience.
Fast Charge: 4-hour charging for 90 days using USB-C. (The actual usage time may vary depending on individual preferences of the product)


Video review


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