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Cooling, the owner of SPC Gear and SilentiumPC, has today introduced its new global brand – ENDORFY – to the world. The move is as a result of international business expansion and the broadening of the target audience. ENDORFY goes beyond the gaming sector, wanting to reach all modern technology fans with both its message and products you will see some reviews soon here on techbuzzireland so stay tuned.

The creation of the ENDORFY brand is a response to the dynamically changing nature of the technology market. It is also a long-term investment in securing the company’s path towards further growth on the global market. Cooling has created a single and powerful brand that follows modern communication trends, meeting the demands of global consumers, as well as establishing itself across the technology market.

“After the success on local markets, the next natural step for us is further expansion,” says Łukasz Zdziech, CEO of Cooling. He goes on to say, “Our company constantly strives to develop both the quality of offered products and the range of operations. We have already noted promising results on several foreign markets, e.g. in the Czech Republic and Germany. However, the time has come to significantly increase the scale of our operations. We will be present in nearly all of Europe, and in the future, all over the world. We want to compete with the biggest companies in the industry.”

The formation of the brand is also the result of an expanded target audience. ENDORFY provides its products to all types of technology users. Their communication reaches far beyond just the gaming industry. “We originate from the gaming world, and we will always acknowledge this. Nevertheless, our audience has long since shifted from being exclusively gamers. They are also content creators, such as streamers, podcasters, writers or casual users, who do not need to play games at all to enjoy technology,” explains Łukasz Zdziech. Following this he states, “In response to these dynamic changes, we decided to adapt the brand to be relevant to both our gaming audience and those who do not come from the world of gaming. We want to be a brand associated with positive emotions delivered by technology.”

ENDORFY is a brand for everyone who wants to have fun using technology. This close, almost collegial relationship between the company and its audience is at the heart of ENDORFY’s creation, and the entire vision behind the new Cooling brand.


“During the design development of ENDORFY, we wondered what all our extremely diverse customer groups had in common. We finally found the answer. It’s the emotions they experience through technology,” adds Jacek Serwański, Cooling’s Marketing Director. He then says, “It is the joy of winning a match in a game, or the pride when you show your friends your self-built PC. It is also a moment of unwinding after a long day with your favourite music playing in your headphones. These small moments are very precious to us, because although they are characterised by great individuality, they actually bring all technology users together.”

The brand has also ensured that its visual communication stands out from the crowd. ENDORFY’s image is based on a unique colour palette. It is not used by any entity known in the industry. The two main colours are yellow and blue, supported by black, white and various shades of grey. “We pay a lot of attention to details, which can be seen for example, in the packaging boxes

we designed for ENDORFY,” explains Jacek Serwański. He states, “The white box immediately stands out on the shop shelf, where black usually dominates in the technology department. On the box, we show the product from almost every angle. This allows the customer to see what they are buying even without opening the packaging.”

Key products that will be available as early as the 5th of October 2022:


  • Navis F280 Cooling System – ensuring silent operation with no fan noise
  • Solum Studio & Solum Broadcast Microphones – a solution that provides clear sound and ultimate comfort during long hours of recording
  • Wireless Thock Compact Keyboard Series – allowing you to forget about tangled cables and focus on your tasks
  • GEM and GEM Plus Mice in the “Onyx White” colour – combining incredible accuracy and original design with a unique colour scheme

The history of Cooling began in 1993, when Zbigniew Zdziech founded a company that sold computer accessories. Ten years later, the company began offering its products online, and in 2007, the manufacturer created its first brand, SilentiumPC, which produced fans. The brand quickly expanded, and went on to offer PC cases, air coolers, and power supplies as early as 2012. Another breakthrough came in 2016, when the company decided to also target the computer accessories and peripherals market, launching its second brand, SPC Gear. The new brand’s first product was a high-quality gaming chair, followed by two series of gaming keyboards, a streaming microphone, an ultra-light mouse, and the “VIRO” headphones, which became a huge sales success. The company currently holds a leading position on the Polish market in the sales segments of PC cases, power supplies, and air cooling, and the SPC Gear VIRO headphones continuously hold first place on the sales charts.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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