Verification of documents using a handwritten signature is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The high pace of digitalization of all processes, including production, does not leave room for obsolete forms of certification of documents. Is it rational to print a document to write a signature by hand, and then scan it back and send it to the right address? All this can be done in a couple of minutes by using one of the many types of electronic signatures. By subscribing to the eSignature platform, you can not only sign all documents yourself with a legally binding electronic signature but also send them to your partners for the same purpose.

Start with Platform Selection

Your attitude to electronic signatures will depend on how understandable and multifunctional the chosen platform will be:

  • A user-friendly interface with all the necessary features simplifies the procedure for collecting signatures, even if many people have to put them under the document. Such platforms are multifunctional, their users do not need to turn to additional resources to complete the missing task.
  • Platforms with limited capabilities or obscure commands give users the only desire to return to those good old days when a document could be easily signed with a fountain pen.

SignNow Platform for Signing and Creating Documents

SignNow allows you to automate business processes by introducing many useful instruments into workflows:

  • Collection of electronic signatures
  • Generation of different types of documents
  • Working with partners on contracts and other papers
  • Integration of eSignatures into the customer’s software with the help of API
  • Creation of payments
  • Mobile application for eSignature

More than 20 million business and private clients use the platform’s services. Thanks to their feedback, all signNow software products have been improved over the years. And now you have the opportunity to work with the ideal product, optimized for the maximum number of necessary tasks and customized to your personal needs. The best proof of the quality and modernity of the services provided by the platform are consumer reviews on the most popular tech marketplace

 How to Signature with SignNow

The tools offered by the platform allow users to put a eSignature that will be legally binding, and therefore accepted in all government and business institutions, including courts. The user can also indicate the location of the signature in the documents and send it to his partners. To estimate all these features, you can try the software for 7 days absolutely free. The sequence of actions when working with eSignature is very simple:

Registration on the Platform

Create your account, which will give you access to all the features you require. SignNow offers more than 100 useful functions for working with documents. Decide which ones will be needed in your work.

Selecting a Document to eSign

Users can work with ready-made documents by uploading them or creating them in the working window directly on the platform. Import the file into the system to get started with it.

Add Required eSignature Fields

Use the various functions on the left panel to edit your file to add signature fields, lists, or anything else.

Insert Your Electronic Signature

On the left panel, select the “My Signature” button and click on it. Specify the location in the document where it should be located. The eSignature can be entered in various ways:

  • download
  • type
  • draw

Determine its size relative to the rest of the text and indicate the exact position, then click OK.

Completion of Work

Confirm the end of working with the document by pressing the “Save and Close” button. You can then download the file to your computer or invite others to sign the same document. The text can be sent to them by email or by sharing a link.

Where Electronic Signature Is Applied

Today, almost all documents can be certified with an eSignature:

  • Business agreements
  • Reports to state and other regulatory bodies
  • Tax forms
  • Registration of all kinds of transactions, including the purchase or sale of real estate
  • Regulation of labor relations, especially in the case of remote cooperation between the employee and the employer
  • Filing applications for all kinds of services, including educational, medical and other
  • Financial transactions, including document flow with banks

There are only a few exceptions where an electronic signature won’t work. For example, this happens in cases where some important document needs to be signed in the presence of a notary.

SignNow provides its services to both individual and corporate clients. By integrating eSignature into work processes, you can save up to 40 hours of working time for each employee per month. Add to this many other valuable features offered by the platform, such as the use of templates, teamwork on documents. Increasing the efficiency of all processes related to document management will free up significant working time for employees, directing them to more creative and non-automated tasks.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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