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With a myriad of earbuds out there today there is certainly good choice for those who want some more when they set out for new earbuds or upgrade and the options are getting better day by day and those who need more in certain instances JBL are providing such. As our readers know we have a multiple earbuds in from JBL and are testing them as we speak but our focus will be more detailed in the video as we have lots to get through and of course with a look at the app which has many new features and different set-ups as you would have seen in recent JBL reviews and more to come. Search here for the latest reviews from JBL and keep an eye out for more hands on reviews with context. See the unboxing here of the Quantum TWS the Tour One headphones and the Tune Flex earbuds. As mentioned before at their Dublin launch event they showcased their latest products and you can see that here.

The Quantum TWS are after throwing a bit of a spanner in the works for me anyway with how they sound and what they offer and for those who want more as mentioned these have an extra piece thrown into the party being a dongle which allows you to connect to external devices like your consoles and so on to have better latency which also works well from my testing. This can be used on your phone too but I feel there is no need for it been honest but this also worked on my TV with an adapter which makes them even better again for home use. You can buy third party dongles but I find these often do not pair up well with other products but this being a JBL standalone product of course it works perfectly well.

The case is a familiar shape with LED lights up front and sadly missing wireless charging this time around, not a huge deal for me but the case is pocketable and has a Glossy/Matt finish. The earbuds have stems which is fine by me and fit well and stay put. The controls are touch controls this time but work well with a large enough area covered by the JBL logo to get the job done accurately.

Of course we have the JBL app to avail of which again enhances the user experience giving you control, we have gone through this several times in our reviews but here is some idea of what to expect and see more in the video review.

When it comes to the sound I am not going to go through the usual terms used all you need to know but they are great with great bass and very punchy with 10mm drivers and with the EQ in the app you are in control for gaming movies and music these are better than expected and at the price point and with the gamer element thrown in both gamers and those who want audio have a complete package here and will no be disappointed at all. The ANC worked really well on these too and for me one of the better offerings out there at this price again.

In short if you are a gamer and like audio these should be on your list of earbuds and are affordable and with the Google extras on them makes it even more sweet. See the video for more below.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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