Gaming has always been popular in Ireland, despite the changing gambling laws in the country. The UK is actually the world’s “second-largest gambling market in Europe”. 

The popularity of online casino gaming is proof that Irish gamers are still fans of gaming and are adapting to changing lifestyles. 

But how exactly has technology impacted Irish online casinos? This article will explore that topic along with Ireland’s gambling laws, and some of the reasons why gambling is so popular in this country.

Ireland’s gambling laws

The first attempts to regulate gambling in Ireland appeared in 1854 with the Betting Act of 1854. 

Over a century later, commercial casinos were banned in Ireland under the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. However, this did not stop Irish players from gambling. 

Casinos were hidden under names such as “clubs” to avoid the ban. This renaming of gaming venues allowed for casinos to exist despite the legal restrictions. 

Casino gambling is still officially illegal in Ireland. This might change in the upcoming years as a current bill is being reviewed. 

This bill is known as the Gambling Control Bill of 2013 and would allow for “up to 40 legal land-based casinos with up to 15 tables each”. This bill would help regulate casino venues and gambling, making it safer for players. 

However, the bill is yet to be passed by Parliament. In the meantime, online casinos are the only option available to Irish gamblers who want to visit a casino and not a club. 

Therefore, Ireland’s gambling laws have unintentionally helped foster and develop the expansion of online casinos and virtual gambling. Therefore it’s no surprise why Irish players are looking to play games online.

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The role of technology in the popularity of online casinos

Technology is the reason that online casinos exist in the first place. Without the internet, technological devices and constant technological improvements, online casinos would not be popular.

Indeed, since the invention of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, most industries have changed and transitioned to the virtual world. 

This virtual world is more convenient for many individuals and is more suited to people’s lifestyles. They can now access venues and games from anywhere, and at any time. 

Not only are online casinos easy to access, but they are also time-efficient gaming options. Individuals visiting gaming websites spend less time travelling to the venue, giving them more time to play.

In other words, they are very convenient, which is one of the main reasons behind their popularity. 

Furthermore, because of the growth of the virtual world and the increasing number of online casino players, more and more providers are investing in online casinos. The number of new virtual casinos is rapidly expanding.

Punters can now quickly find the newest casinos and the newest games from the comfort of their home. 

Due to this, the competition is fierce. Many casino providers attempt to beat the competition by offering attractive offers, bonuses and promotions to their players.

This, in turn, attracts more gamers to the virtual gaming world. 

The rapid technological improvements that appear year after year also contribute to the popularity of online gambling. Online casino games work well and offer fun and entertaining visuals. 

The online gaming experience is constantly improving thanks to technological improvements. Again, this attracts more gamers who find that playing online is close to the gaming experience offered by land-based casinos. 

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Another factor is the use of devices such as smartphones and mobile devices. Many casinos now offer apps that players can easily download on their mobile phones and play at any time. 

Not only are the visuals appealing on these apps, but these apps also allow individuals to easily keep track of their deposits, the games they have played and the casino’s gaming catalogue.

The availability of online casino games and venues in the form of apps is a major contributor towards the popularity of online gambling. There are more and more smartphone users every day, with currently 83.72% of the world’s population owning a smartphone.  

The virtual world does not mean that individuals are deprived of social interactions. On the contrary, online casinos try and recreate as accurately as possible the atmosphere of a real casino. 

Through the use of technology, online casino providers offer chat rooms and other features that allow individuals to chat with other gamers and invite friends or family members to play with them. These features turn online casinos into social forums for people to connect or reconnect. 

This is another reason behind the success of online casinos. These casinos do not isolate gamers from the gaming community.

Other features that some casinos include to recreate a real gaming experience in a physical casino include live games and sound effects.   

Through live games and streams, individuals can play in real time with other players or watch other gamers play live. This again creates a more social gaming experience and helps people connect online at the same time. 

Sound effects can include applause, whispers, slot machine sounds, calls from a caller or from a dealer, and more. These sounds immerse the players in a casino atmosphere.

There are other technological improvements and features that contribute to the success and popularity of online casinos. These are just a few of them. 

Final thoughts 

This article discussed Ireland’s gambling laws, which seem to have favoured the expansion of online casinos. Then, the impact of technology on Ireland’s online casino was explored.

Overall, technology has greatly contributed to the development, success and popularity of online casinos. As current technology continues to improve, the online gambling industry will most likely continue to develop and attract new gamers. 


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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