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According to a recent “Educational Technology” poll, 87% of college students rely on mobile applications to help them study at university and keep organized. However, considering there are more than 520,000 educational applications to choose from in 2022, selecting those of excellent quality may seem like an overwhelming effort. It might be challenging to find high-quality apps to enhance learning. But don’t worry; we’ve covered you and picked the top programs for you.

Companion apps

Students identified Todoist and Dropbox as two of the most useful tools for managing their time and reducing the pressure of approaching due dates. These apps aren’t designed to teach college kids directly, but they help students succeed in school by improving their time management, study habits, and deadline adherence.

Sometimes students procrastinate about writing a paper until the very last minute. What app can help in this case? You can buy assignment and no longer have to feel the overwhelming number of responsibilities trap you. Even if you have a paper due the next day for an assignment, you can still obtain expert assistance. Homework assistance service is an intelligent way to deal with a problem because you may use the paper as a sample in the future and learn from it. 


With this app, teachers might transform a dull class into a fun game. Kahoot allows you to make your classroom a game show, enhancing the learning experience. Input your pre-thought questions and answers into the website, and you’ll have a fun, interactive game in no time. Everyone may install Kahoot on their mobile devices and join the fun. It works with iOS and Android smartphones alike. This program is unique because it keeps tabs on each student’s development by plotting their responses on a bar graph.


When using the edX app, you’ll have access to courses taught at various global institutions. It was released in 2012 as an online education platform developed by Harvard and MIT. It features tutorials and online courses in a wide variety of disciplines. Everybody c utilize these materials to further their knowledge and understanding in various fields. 


Students may use the camera on their mobile devices to snap a picture of a math issue. Then one can use the app to obtain a detailed walkthrough on how to solve the problem. It clears up any confusion about mathematical concepts. You may improve your reasoning skills by using this application. The primary objective is not just to realize what the correct response is. The key part is to comprehend the reasons behind why it is correct.


Students can study more than 30 different languages with this program. Put it to use in the classroom, at home, or even on the go. This is a free program that can teach you languages and is compatible with devices running Android and iOS. Duolingo offers tasks for developing different skills – speaking and listening to grammar. The app’s more advanced classes provide each student individualized feedback and practice. Also, the dashboard that comes with Duolingo allows monitoring of the progress of each individual. The app motivates users to try harder by setting all things like a competition.

Here are more similar apps to enhance your skills in different fields.

Cite This For Me

A proper citation is required if words or concepts are taken from another source. Students may benefit significantly from using this tool. Especially if they have a hard time drawing up the bibliography. It not only generates a citation by scanning a book’s barcode with your phone’s camera, but it also styles the citation in MLA, Chicago, or any style your school requires. It’s cost-free, and it works with both Android and iOS devices.

Apps to enhance learning: closing thoughts

There is a broad range of topics and learning styles catered to by the plethora of education applications available today. Using such apps makes students more likely to participate, stay interested, and achieve their full potential. Also, learning apps are a terrific tool to keep teaching techniques and lessons interesting. We hope our app list will help you achieve your academic and personal goals. 


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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