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The iPhone has just dropped and moving on from the 13 Pro I have been asked and asked myself about the case issue which is will the 14 pro fit the 13 and vice versa, we have plenty of iPhone 14 Pro cases coming in for review next week but this is just a quick look at both iPhones and explaining that the cases will not fit both and of course a clever move by Apple to get more cash.

In short the buttons are basically lowered down on the phone which you will see in the video below, There is room for argument on thinner based cases where you may get some functionality but not all so in short the cases for the 13 Pro will not fit the 14 Pro properly, they will go on each other but that’s as far as it goes but you can look at it this way if you are waiting on a case for the 14 Pro you can perhaps get a thinner one on but as you will see in this video depending on the thickness of the case it will be an issue.

Stay tuned for more on the iPhone 14 pro and case reviews. Check out the Apple Watch SE 2022 unboxing

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