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JBL has launched plenty of new products lately and we have a few products to get through and mostly earbuds and so far so good in the testing on them but these headphones are one thing that caught my eye and was looking forward to checking these out and I was not disappointed and they have a cool trick up their sleeve which I never even noted in the unboxing experince of several JBL products here

The Tour One headphones have been out some time now however they still are in my book considered a current pair you would use today with a really nice matt finish that looks glossy with darker tones on the inner side of the cups with a bronze type colour finish and it looks well and gives them a premium look the cups are also comfortable too and wearing them for long periods is no issue either and I had a 6 hour stint in one session alone with them.

The build quality too is great and no creaks noted on doing the usual twist test you have a nice comfortable headband and the usual ratchet style sliders for the arms on both sides which are solid and will not move, these also also foldable and stow away nicely in the travel case provided with some extra cables inside and an adapter too which makes a nice complete package and ideal for those who travel.

When it comes to sound these are really good and up there with other brands with good volume and ANC too the audio experience is also great all round and they kept me happy during my testing be it listening to music gaming and movies with a really rich experience in there with some bass to and lets not forget about their app too.

The JBL app has improved giving the user many options to take control there is some differences in their app as you go through their products which you will see here in the other reviews coming out soon and it is for the better, in some cases you can see why and who the target customer is.

The controls on the headphones are easy to use and you have many other options at hand with the App like talk through,ambient mode and more, one feature I like now and is common with JBL products is the Assistant button which is present here on the headphones which allows you to listen to messages and more and get on the fly info by just pressing it, also here you have control rockers but also a gesture/tap area on the right cup which allows you to control the music even more and a nice feature one we have seen before but these are a hybrid approach with both buttons and the gestures.

There is also other features such as Silent Now which lets you take control of what you want to hear and can be modified to suit your needs, so ideal for productivity, calls are also good and clear here and no lag latency noted during any scenario testing these headphones and with the app you have more control than ever to customise these to your needs be it for work or personal use and you should check them out. Check the video review below for a full tour.

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