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Currencies have evolved from fiat to crypto; this can be because of the generation of newer technologies and people getting modern. Fiat and cryptocurrencies can send and receive payments, but their features differ. The article below discusses the history of money, from fiat to crypto; read the article to clear all your doubts regarding fiat vs. crypto. However, people now choose Bitcoin Circuit app to trade in bitcoins.

How did money evolve?

Earlier, when there were no coins and notes, people used to exchange goods as a form of payment for buying something; this was known as a barter system. Then, the coins came into consideration, and people found coins even more convenient than exchanging goods. For example- The buyer wants to buy sugar in exchange for salt, but the seller wants vegetables as payments; this can be an issue as the seller will willingly sell the item to someone ready to pay him through vegetables. So the notes were designed later. Fiat money is the currency controlled centrally by the government; the central authority takes its value, taxes, and all the other decisions. 

As the technology started getting hype, cryptos were invented; they are digital assets whose popularity has increased since they were created. Although many cryptos are not very popular and their price is also not that high, cryptos like bitcoins and Ethereum have the highest values. 

Crypto vs. fiat

Cryptocurrencies do not have a central body to control the system. Still, a government authority regulates the traditional currency, which helps in case of system disruption or other suspicious acts where users are prone to lose their accounts. Still, fiat does not let that happen because all the data is backed up centrally. 

Investing in cryptos comes with many risks because their price can change drastically at any moment, and you may end up losing your investment; it is advised never to put in a value; you cannot risk losing. But fiat currency has stable prices, and you have few chances to lose your money. 

In addition, crypto is a relatively newer concept as compared to fiat; However, cryptos are gaining a lot of popularity these days, still lesser people are aware of how to use cryptos for general payments, and only a few public places and online stores accept crypto as the mode of payment. However, these figures will increase in the future; right now, people find fiat the convenient source of payments because everyone around the globe uses it.

Moreover, unlike fiat, cryptos let the users make transactions without revealing their identity, making it appealing for people to use them. Also, the lack of central authority in the cryptos makes it possible for people to make transactions without taking approvals from an intermediary.

Making payments through fiat vs. cryptos

 Making payments through fiat is very simple; you can keep the physical currency with you, or online systems such as Paytm, google pay, or even your credit cards can help you if you are not carrying cash. 

Sending and receiving payments through cryptos

Making crypto payments is not as difficult as it sounds; all you need for this process is your device with a wallet application installed. 

Send process

Open the wallet application and press the send button to send payments using cryptocurrency. After this, put in the amount to be sent and the QR code or address of the receiver’s wallet. The payment is set to be sent; look carefully into the details to avoid future details. Finally, click send to transfer the amount.

Receive process

The process of receiving payments is as easy as sending one. First, in the wallet app, click on receive button and then share the address. The final step is to select the accept payment tab to receive the amount.

The process of sending and receiving payments can be slightly different in different wallets; those mentioned above are the general processes; if you cannot find the buttons mentioned above in your wallet, look for something slightly similar.

In conclusion, you would have understood how money evolved from fiat to cryptos and what are the differences and similarities between them. Then, you would have decided which of the above suits your demands.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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