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Ok so the Skullcandy Inequality Crusher have been here a few weeks now and to cut to the chase there is no difference between old and new, the only thing here is the colour. For me I liked the colour as I like things that stand out and again quite a few people asked why companies are getting involved in gender / politics  so to speak, my answer was as is in the about us section is we do not use our site to share or promote any religion or politics and it stands given there is a reason behind these we are reviewing them on how they sound and I happen to like the looks which you could say is being a bit of a hypocrite but if you want to know my political views or anything else you can find that on my personal facebook page or on Twitter where I have my say and not controlled or afraid to say anything either but less of that and more on the product then. You can read the press release here about the new coloured headphones and check out the unboxing HERE with a side by side view of the OG version.

Ok so we have the same as before but now different colours here that stand out, now for those who are not aware of what these headphones have that separates them from others is the sensory bass that is adjustable and this still has not been seen elsewhere yet at least to the best of my knowledge. It is something you need to try and feel, one example of an idea what it is about is the woojer strap which is another cool product for those who want more and to feel immersed.

Moving on then about how they sound, they are excellent to cut to the chase you can see more in our Skullcandy Crusher EVO OG review HERE and nothing has change but for those who have been thinking about them should look at the review and the app which is also excellent and again we do the same in the video review below so do check it out and get a feel for what to expect if you decide to pick a pair up..

Overall the audio experience is great the headphones are comfortable they are easy to use they have super bass and also an app to enhance the experience  and forget about the outside world when the volume is raised to the max.


40 hours total battery + Rapid Charge
• Crusher adjustable Sensory Bass
• Personal Sound via Skullcandy App
• Call, track and volume control via touch controls
• Built-in Tile Finding Technology
• Flat-folding and collapsible

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Video Review


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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