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I have several smart watches or as some call them “wearables” and to rub it in more they are called data trackers which in fairness is true and like any product you buy the same words are used and regardless the thoughts and the facts you are always the product which also applies to apps but in recent time we have seen how much smart watches and similar products are now taking more information and it is not just to serve you ads but that is life today and only you can take control of this.

I do like to have a nice watch on my arm and for the most do so if not bought by myself or sent for review as in this case and it is a rare occasion when I say I will buy this later which applies here given this is not a fully fledged wearable that can keep you away from your phone, it is a fitness tracker all the same and not sold as a fully featured wearable which I am more use to wearing.

As mentioned in the unboxing this is actually my first fitbit and people have asked why this is the case, well I never asked for one or looked for one given we should have been on their radar but again it is what it is and that has changed and I am glad I had the opportunity to test this one out taking into account what is missing from what I am used to having on my wrist but I do have other similar products here that offer even less and it gives me a better look at what is on offer here and what people can pick from which is more than ever now on how products are targeted on people these days.

Ok so a few weeks ago I did a quick unboxing of the Sense blended in with the new sleep profile which you can see here and while I am here on the sleep matter I never wear a watch to bed no matter how good it is or how it looks so for me it was not really an option for me to use I did opt in for the 6 months premium trial whilst testing again not much of benefit to me but can see how it would be ideal for others as most of my friends wear fitbits or Apple watch and as mentioned I have several and being frank never get the full potential due to my wearing habits.

First thing I will say the design is great and the watch itself is a superb build and took to me more than expected and with the colour strap on my review unit,many people asked including my fitbit fanatics and they were also impressed with this model and the strap and as a first time fitbit user it grew on me each day with its looks and its simple UI and the build quality and it is something I would recommend for those who need such or intend to up their game or fitbit device as none have this model here bit those slim ones or cheaper options available. So for the 4 weeks I tested it you can see the results below.

Now I am a bit of a lazy git and like all watches do not put them on first thing in the mornings and work from home alot now and not out that much which is probably not the best route in life to take but I earned few badges during the time I tested alongside the countless emails you get from them but you can opt out but as testing you have to see what is in store and not only that it is good for pushing you too if you want to change your lifestyle or goals..

As mentioned the UI is simple and so the app is also great for getting things done and keeping an eye on things and of course setting your own personal goals which mostly for me is steps and keeping an eye on my heart rate etc, I do cycle quite a bit and do some exercise some of which not recorded here as you can see some half day recordings noted and as mentioned again I often forget to put the watch on no matter what watch but I will not hide the fact either.

The app has lots on offer and I found it great for basically recording everything so you can keep track of what is going on and what needs to be done, some might find it intrusive and nosey with your location data as said at the top of the review but that is how things work and being honest there is only so much even will lend to these companies and that is a personal choice but I think many would agree too.

Now again I did not fill in everything every day as I find that tedious personally but you get the idea of what is on offer here and as said the UI is easy to use and there is much more, You can avail of a get active programme  challenges and adventures even get fit bingo you have assessments and reports then you also have the expected clocks and apps section to play around with to customise you watch which is essential for me and workouts there is also mindfulness options Nutrition and guided programmes along with get more sleep, now I always had a sleeping issue and nothing really works for me and I have to live with that myself and there is a community tab plus then your premium features much of which is mentioned above.

Now you have ECG on this device too which is a great addition to have, you also have skin sensors stress management and breathing sensors and of course fitbit pay all competing against other similar products but you pay much less here compared to Apple watch for example.

The battery is another thing to point out here which is one of the best out there beside withings scanwatch which I currently use, I did have the Apple watch series 7 but that was woeful on battery it must be said although a nice watch and here with the fitbit sense which this is competing with I find more value for less money although short of notifications on your wrist and taking calls but this watch is not aimed at that and the price justification for Apple is still not acceptable and I guess different strokes for different folks as the saying goes but fitbit could and can do more I think in this department and still costing much less than its rivals.

There is enough information at a glance here but when it comes to notifications it was the bare minimum like you would find on cheaper watches but again I accept who this watch is for and from trying many watches I get it but would like to have seen more in this department which keeps me off my phone which I practice alot these days. You do have options to do quick and voice replies which is not so bad. And I do like the Amoled corning glass 3 display.

Overall there is more to like about the fitbit sense than dislike if you are into certain features or require them even for me that wanted more being use to having it settled for it over time and it grew on me and it also looks great which is an important factor for me and has everything fitness you need to keep an eye on your health.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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