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One of Konftel’s newest video conferencing systems has become an instant sales success for supply specialist Trust Distribution.

The Konftel C2070 has developed into a major tool in the distributor’s conferencing armoury, with manufacturing and education sites as well as general offices proving particularly popular.

Simon Hughes, Konftel Brand Manager at Trust, says the system combines an attractive price point with many high end features which makes it a flexible ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ solution for many different locations.

“The Konftel C2070 ticks many boxes customers are looking for. It’s the sweet-spot of our conferencing portfolio, without any additional licences which inflates the cost of ownership from some other brands. It’s a plug and play USB solution which fits most standard size meeting rooms.”

The Konftel C2070 is designed as a perfect video package for huddle to medium meeting rooms, combining the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera with the Konftel 70 speakerphone for OmniSound audio quality. The Konftel OCC Hub brings everything together into one convenient kit, so a single USB cable is all users need to connect the camera, the sound unit and the room’s screen to the video meeting on their laptop. 

In addition Konftel has just launched a dedicated version for in room PC-based systems, the Konftel C2070 Attach, which is part of a new product range optimised for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms and other platforms.

Hughes added: “It’s not just standard offices where the system is ideally suited. The auto framing of images is proving really useful in the education sector whilst the 4k detail is great for companies wanting to see and assess products that are often in another part of the world. That could be the quality of stitching and zips in garments or nuts and bolts and garage parts. Four beamforming microphones is another impressive feature along with Bluetooth capabilities. It’s not just standard meetings where the Konftel C2070 has started to shine.”

Konftel C2070

Konftel’s entire product portfolio is Climate Neutral certified where all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset. Hughes thinks this is growing in importance.

We all have to be aware of our environmental responsibilities and both from an ethical and commercial perspective we are seeing more end user emphasis in this area. It’s important for our resellers to be able to outline this important credential during the sales process.”

Hughes concluded: “For many reasons the Konftel C2070 has become one of our best-selling conference kits since its launch last year – backed by high levels of support from both Trust and Konftel. Its popularity will continue to grow as it doesn’t cost thousands of pounds to purchase, just hundreds.” 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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