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Next in from Gravastar is the Sirius Pro Earbuds which look great and come in a really cool case that looks like a fancy lighter but in fact can be used as a bottle opener but the thing here is that is is made of metal and not plastic like most earbud cases are and the thing is then what people asked how do they sound after all having a good look? Does aesthetics win over the audio experience? Let’s find out..

First of all the design is quite nice and they fit well in the ears, they might be hard to get out of their case sometimes but this is the only thing I could say bad on them, there is no app either which is fine in this instance because they are quite good and impressed me, the earbud is on the larger than average size too so keep that in mind and they are built quite well.. To top this off you get RGB lights built into the case which is a new one for me and it looks great.

Featuring Knowles balanced armatures, the Sirius Pro wireless earbuds deliver an incredible, well-rounded sound. They are built on GravaStar’s exclusive DSP audio algorithms and offer an immersive, crisp experience through Bluetooth 5.2 True Wireless Stereo. They have in-ear detection, 65ms latency, and give you a balanced punchy bass and 3D surround sound with custom modes for music, gaming, and movies

Once fitted they give a decent seal from the outside world too and may protrude on some people’s ears as always everyone’s ears differ just like our hearing too. For me they where fine and did not fall out and felt fine during the test period and did not feel any pressure when changing tracks etc.

GravaStar gaming earbuds - techbuzzireland
GravaStar gaming earbuds – techbuzzireland

When it comes to sound they deliver too, loud and punchy with bass, highs lows and mids are fine too and overall a great audio experience and there is three modes here to pick from.

Gaming Mode Pinpoint the direction of your enemy’s footsteps with 5.1 virtual surround sound.

Movie Mode Get a full cinematic experience with HD surround sound and be right in the middle of the action.

Music Mode Feel like you’re at the front row at a concert with clear, natural vocals and a deep bass you can feel through your entire body.

Movie mode is my personal favourite here and if you are a gamer you will also be delighted with the audio experience and then for the music fan which I am I just found movie mode the best choice for me you will also enjoy the audio experience here in conclusion did aesthetics take away from the audio experience, well the answer is simply NO. Check the video below for more.


Video Review


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