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Ok so Paypal have tried my patience and have vented so on twitter only to be told to send it to their phishing department then when done so they respond with this waffle below. Now to most who are aware of scams there is telltale signs within but to others it is clever to an extent but here is what they said back to me twice, yes I have had two in two days and a generic response to which I am still waiting an answer for despite handing over the emails and them knowing I have no account in that name.

Dear TechBuzz Ireland,

Thanks for your submission. We’ll review it and let you know if the
email you reported is genuine or fake.

We’re continuously working to counteract fraud, including phishing
emails, websites, and text messages. We work with law enforcement around
the world to stop online criminals.

If you disclosed any financial or personal data, or entered your details
on a suspicious website:

• Change your PayPal password immediately.
• Contact your bank and let them know what happened.
• Review your recent PayPal payments. Report any unauthorized payments
in the Resolution Center.

PayPal Security

Ok so the first email looked for $1000 then the second reduced to $600 and of course the option to login and pay. See the samples below..that have two different invoice numbers which is also a giveaway here along with the Billing department of Paypal then there is the phone number to call, if you were not wide to such you would probably call it right? Even the domain name looks good as you can see up top.

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Now if you click on the link it will tell me the resource has been deleted on one email which does look identical to the PayPal site what is there though is an actual invoice with Walmart eCards purchased and a made up email claiming you bought Walmart eCards which alone is an odd one. So perhaps they are working on something..

The font and the spacing is also odd to the norm here but the rest looks legit and PayPal need to get on their bike and just tell people this is in fact a scam and nothing for us to wait for an answer for.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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