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The Pixel Buds Pro have just landed and today we take a first look and impressions of the latest earbuds as we have not had long enough to give our full thoughts all thanks to logistical issues which is becoming a nightmare for many folk depending on where you reside, So I have had these for two days and been using them constantly and so far the results are good.

You will note a new design here which is nice and they fit well in the ears too and they look nice in the colour too LemonGrass, the design has changed however they still fit nice and snug and will not budge and have not fallen out yet on me after quite heavy testing over the last two days.

The app once again is present and certainly enhances the user experience as expected with multiple options to enhance the audio experience we once again have ANC which this time has improved and decent bass and in general so far all the audio attributes have been good and enjoyable be it listening to music or watching movies. The gesture controls are also excellent so far I have to add. One thing missing but being updated is the full EQ suite which I hope arrives sooner rather than later.

You of course have transparency mode and Google assistant built in of course and if you want some more you can have your messages and emails read out to you which I think is really cool. For those who need more you have also got multipoint connectivity so for me this works really well working both on chromebook and phone and makes them a practical tool too. The case is slightly larger too and we also have wireless charging on deck.

A full review will be along soon with a closer look at the app of course and more on the experience too so stay tuned for that and check out the unboxing below and side by side comparison to the Pixel buds A series.

Pixel Buds Pro techbuzzireland


10 things to know about the Pixel Buds

1 – Premium sound with Active Noise Cancellation

Google Pixel Buds Pro create a quiet foundation so your music can shine. Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal™ adapts to your unique ear shape, and the earbuds fit in your ear canal to maximise the amount of noise blocked. Rather than using an off-the-shelf active noise cancellation solution, Pixel Buds Pro use an integrated system developed by Google, with a custom processor, custom algorithms and custom speakers.

2 – Never miss out on bass with Volume EQ

With many earbuds, bass disappears when you lower the volume, leaving your music sounding tinny and weak. Pixel Buds Pro bring full and rich sound at any level with Volume EQ,1 dynamically adapting to your listening volume and making subtle tweaks to the frequency curve. For example, when you lower the volume, Pixel Buds Pro increase the bass while ensuring that mid and high frequencies are balanced.

3 – Stay present with Transparency mode

Use Transparency mode for the moments when you don’t want to be fully immersed, like when running or crossing roads. Pixel Buds Pro process a wide range of frequencies with low latency to keep the audio sounding natural and in sync. This custom integration lets sound enter in real time, so you can keep on moving almost as if you weren’t wearing earbuds.

4 – Multipoint connectivity


Pixel Buds Pro can automatically change sound sources from one device to another. Easily go from listening to music on your phone to answering video calls on your laptop without needing to manually switch Bluetooth devices.. Multipoint connectivity helps you automatically switch between compatible devices including Android, iOS, tablets and laptops.

5 – Crystal clear calls

Get crystal clear calls even in loud and windy places, thanks to beamforming mics, a voice accelerometer and wind-blocking mesh covers. Pixel Buds Pro use bone conduction to analyse vibrations near your jaw area to pick out your voice so you can be heard loud and clear wherever you are – whether you’re on a noisy street or at home with loud roommates.

6 – Elevated design

Listen in comfort and style with your Pixel Buds Pro. With premium coatings, a soft matte texture and a two-toned design, they sit flush in your ears. The pebble-like case feels comfortable in your hand and easily fits in your pocket. Pixel Buds Pro come in four colours: Charcoal, Fog, Coral and Lemongrass

Because everyone’s ears are shaped differently, Google scanned thousands of ears to create a design that’s comfortable for as many people as possible. Sensors constantly measure the pressure in your ear canal so the earbuds can actively relieve it and stay comfortable. Eartips in three sizes ensure that your earbuds can be customised to best fit your unique ear shape.

7 – Hands-free help

Talk to Google Assistant hands-free to start your workout music, send a quick text or even get live translation – just say ‘Hey Google’ and stay focused on what’s in front of you while on the go.

8 – Touch controls make it easy

Important controls are a touch away, so you don’t have to pull out your phone. Tap your earbud once to play/pause or answer calls, twice to skip a track or reject calls, three times to rewind, and simply swipe horizontally to increase or decrease the volume. To switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode, just touch and hold.

9 – Water and sweat resistant
Pixel Buds Pro are water and sweat resistant, so rainy days and sweaty workouts are no problem.

10 – Battery life and wireless charging

The custom processor is tuned for power efficiency so you can get more out of your battery. Get up to 7 hours of listening time on a single charge with Active Noise Cancellation on, and up to 20 hours with the charging case. Plus, charge them wirelessly with Pixel Stand or other Qi-certified chargers.

A 5-minute charge in the case gives you up to 1 hour of listening time with Active Noise Cancellation on.

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