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Do you want to play the songs downloaded from iTunes on some other media player outside the app? Or do you just want to change iTunes music format for any other purpose? If yes, then you’ve landed to the right platform.

In this article, we will introduce you to 3 simple yet effective programs to convert iTunes to MP3 effortlessly. Read it through and learn how to use these tools on your device.

Why need to convert iTunes to MP3?

The first question that pops up in mind is why do you need to convert iTunes to MP3 in the first place. The reason is iTunes downloads your songs and music in the AAC format by default. This format promises better sound quality but it isn’t compatible with most audio players out there.

In addition, it occupies a lot of storage compared to other audio formats. Thus, it’s always a handy option to convert iTunes music or AAC files into MP3, which is a universal format and pretty much runs on any media player.


Part 1. How to Convert iTunes to MP3 With HitPaw Video Converter

Looking for the most efficient method to convert iTunes to MP3 without losing quality? HitPaw Video Converter is a one-stop solution to convert any iTunes song into your desired audio format including MP3.

What makes is so popular is its simple interface and ease of use. Even a 10-year kid won’t face any issue when navigating its features. All it takes is a few clicks to change the iTunes music format. Not to mention, it supports batch processing to let you convert all your files in one go.

In addition, you can save convert any video on your PC into 1000+ audio and video formats. More strikingly, it uses the GPU tech to boost the conversion speed to 90x that of normal programs.

Notable Features

Below are some useful functions of this feature-rich tool:

A powerful program to convert as many iTunes music files to MP3 as you want.

Supports high-quality file conversion.

It lets you convert the music files to tons of audio formats.

Video conversion speed is 90x faster than normal programs.

Supports batch conversion

It also lets you convert files between 1000+ video and audio formats.

Supports free customer support.

Learning how to convert iTunes to MP3 using HitPaw Video Converter is as easy as it can get. Just follow the below instructions to get the job done:

Step 1. First of all, install the program on your PC and set it up.

Step 2. Under the Convert tab, click on the drop-down arrow of Add Files and select iTunes Music.

Hitpaw converter

Step 3. The program will activate the iTunes music feature. Login to your Apple account and select any category on the left panel.


Step 4. Now, select the music files you want to convert. Hit Confirm to let the program parse the files.


Step 5. It will process the files and add them to the Convert tab. Here, choose the output format to MP3 and hit Convert All.


Step 6. Wait until all the files are converted. You can then access them in the Converted tab.

Part 2. Convert iTunes to MP3 with NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter

Another popular iTunes to mp3 converter that can run on both Windows and Mac. Using this tool, you can easily convert downloaded iTunes audio files to various formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, or ALAC.

While most converted iTunes files are clean and without distortion, it often reduces the audio quality. And in some cases, it gets stuck during the conversion process and takes forever to complete. Thus, it shouldn’t be the go-to choice if you don’t want any hassles.

Follow the below steps to use this program:

Step 1. Run the program on your PC.


Step 2. Click on Add to see the iTunes folders. Import all the files you want to convert.


Step 3. Now, hit the Settings icon to see a pop window. Set the output format to MP3 and also choose a desired location to save your files.


Step 4. Finally, hit Convert and wait until the process is finished. You can click history button to find the converted audio files.


Part 3. Convert iTunes to MP3 With iTunes

Don’t want to use any third-party program to iTunes convert to MP3? Worry not as iTunes comes loaded with a built-in converter that you can use to change the format of iTunes music files.

Aside from format conversion, this feature also empowers users to adjust the audio quality and other conversion settings. Follow the below steps to use iTunes built-in converter to convert AAC files to MP3:

Step 1. On Mac, launch iTunes and head to iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Settings > select MP3 Encoder.


Windows user should go to Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings. Here, you need to select MP3 Encoder for the Import Using option. Hit Ok to your library.

Step 2. Now, select the songs you want to convert. Then, go to File > Convert/Create New Version > Create MP3 version.


Step 3. The app will automatically convert all the files into the MP3 format.


But note that this method has several significant downsides. Firstly, it reduces the sound quality to quite some extent. Plus, it doesn’t let you convert the old purchased songs as they are encoded in the protected AAC format, barring them from getting converted.


After reading this article, you won’t face any issue in converting iTunes music files to the MP3 format. All the three aforementioned solutions are tested and tried and you can rely on any of them to convert iTunes to MP3.

But as far as our recommendation goes, use HitPaw Video Converter to get lossless conversion. Without any prior knowledge, you can get started with this tool.

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