LinkedIn Automation tools are designed to automate your LinkedIn activities. They help users generate new leads and improve sales. Some even allow message personalization and data tracking — further connecting you with awesome people in your industry.

Today, there are a lot of LinkedIn tools for lead generation. Choosing the best one for your needs can be quite difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of handpicked automation tools. We also discuss their features and how you can benefit from using them.

1. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is one of the leading LinkedIn lead generation tools today. With Octopus CRM, generating leads is easy. You can also build your personal lead generation campaigns while boosting your business growth on autopilot.

One thing Octopus CRM does best is creating lead generation funnels on the platform. Through automating tasks with Octopus CRM’s B2B lead generation tool, users can save up to 25 hours per week!

Don’t you just hate LinkedIn’s invite limit? Well, Octopus CRM can help you bypass the invite limit by sending connection requests through email. This is totally safe and you will not risk any bans on your LinkedIn account. Aside from its amazing lead generation capabilities, Octopus CRM can also nurture leads by giving you access to bulk messaging, following-up, and auto-endorsing features.

Another great thing Octopus CRM can do is help you keep an eye on the results of your lead generation campaign. With it, you can watch your LinkedIn stats, evaluate the performance of your lead generation campaigns, and monitor your LinkedIn activity.


2. Dripify

Dripify is a Lead Generation software for LinkedIn. It’s also an automation tool that’s designed to improve LinkedIn prospecting. Like Octopus CRM, it runs on complete autopilot. With Dripify, generating leads on LinkedIn is easy as pie. You can even close deals on LinkedIn even when you’re away from your computer. This is because Dripify provides complete automation plus it works in the cloud. All you have to do is set your sales funnel and then Dripify will do the job for you.

 Dripify is a great tool that’s beneficial for many business owners, sales teams, marketing agencies, and of course, recruiters. We all know how tough it is to run a business these days — and Dripify saves you time by helping you find leads so you can focus on money-making tasks throughout your day. If you have a dedicated sales team, you can automate LinkedIn lead generation with Dripify. You can also use Dripify’s dashboard to manage campaigns and view analytics. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of everything from your control panel.

Dripify’s personalized campaigns are also great for digital marketing agencies. Your messages won’t look automated plus you can easily switch accounts! And if you’re a recruiter, you’ll be glad to know that Dripify can help you find the right talent fast. Did you know that you can reach out to a maximum of 2000+ potential candidates per month? This will surely fill your open vacancies in a short time!

 Furthermore, Dripify’s advanced algorithm will keep your LinkedIn account safe. Whenever a user signs up with a free trial, Dripify gets a unique IP address from their local region assigned to their account. Dripify will always simulate human behavior when it does tasks for you. Its highly personalized drip campaigns use a variety of LinkedIn actions and delays to make your campaign more human and not bot-like. So rest assured that it’s completely safe and secure.

3. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is currently one of the most used automation tools for LinkedIn lead generation. It is often used in combination with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With Phantombuster,  you can automate almost everything. It’s also very efficient and fast. Like Octopus CRM and Dripify, it runs from the cloud. It benefits mostly salespeople and marketers who do repetitive things each day. With Phantombuster, they can extract the data they want, automate actions, and get the job done lightning quick!

With Phantombuster, the whole web is a source of data. You can use it for your CRM, database, social networks, and more. Once you set up your actions, the program runs automatically. You can also do chain automation to create better and more advanced workflows. There is also an available template for almost all social networks and websites so you don’t have to create workflows


Do you want to find lead emails in bulk? Try This automation tool does one thing really well: finding B2B emails of contacts from Linkedin’s regular or sales navigator search results. So, how does software actually finds those emails?

According to their website, their algorithm works by indexing public web pages based on LinkedIn accounts. It basically simulates emails based on companies’ email patterns. It’s very accurate too since it verifies the emails by interacting with email servers. With, you can find thousands of prospects on LinkedIn. If you’re an email marketer, this tool is just a godsend!

5. Zopto

Zopto is an automation tool for scaling your outreach and generating leads on LinkedIn. Like Octopus CRM and Dripify, Zopto is a cloud-based lead generation tool that works on the background.

It can automate various LinkedIn processes to help you find new customers and markets. Zopto is a wonderful choice for people who are just starting their LinkedIn growth journey. Beginners who don’t have any idea about automation will find Zopto’s processes very easy to understand.

Some of Zopto’s best features include full automation of LinkedIn lead generation with delays to simulate human behavior. Zopto also has enabled multi-user profiles and access to team performance. It also has an in-app LinkedIn chat and if you’re not sure how it works, dedicated support to help you out. Unlike other automation tools, Zopto doesn’t have a free trial. However, it does have great integrations through Zapier and webhooks.

6. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a LinkedIn tool built for marketing teams. It can be used to post on several social channels including Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. SocialPilot is built for social media teams of all sizes. It can improve their workflow and boost their marketing efforts.

SocialPilot also has amazing analytics where you can track and analyze your LinkedIn social performance. It has collaborative features that allow you to work with your colleagues. With SocialPilot, you can manage multiple clients’ accounts effortlessly. You can easily take over ad campaigns and upload 500 posts with bulk scheduling. It also has its own URL shorteners and a social media content calendar.

SocialPilot is very promising and has been growing tremendously throughout the years. It also has very good customer support that is responsive and reliable. Social Pilot is designed to help users boost their marketing campaign in a short time. It is also applicable to many customers including agencies or freelancers. So if you want a tool that can schedule and publish posts for your LinkedIn accounts, try SocialPilot.


Using the LinkedIn lead generation tools above can help you improve your marketing efforts. Not only will these tools increase traffic and engagements, but also improve the effectiveness of your other LinkedIn marketing strategies. At the end of the day, LinkedIn is just a social channel. Using it to generate leads can be easy by using the right techniques, knowing the right time to post, and tracking your activities to see which works best through trial and error.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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