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It is well into the Summer season now and from what we can see is people are now travelling again going to concerts, camping, going on holidays or doing a staycation so for this you will need a decent affordable speaker to blast those tunes out and the new Groove 3 from Tronsmart might be up your street, we are no stranger her to tech from Tronsmart and are big fans and their latest speaker gives you more than good sound from their latest speaker which is small and portable.

The Groove 2 speaker is also IPX7 rated so this means it can go to your camping site, the beach a picnic or more and it is also very robust too with a nice finish on it, it also has the option to hang it from anywhere with the carabiner clip built in so it does not have to lay on a flat surface, either way you will enjoy the sound coming from this speaker given its size.

It has got a super sturdy build quality and housing wrapped with rubber edges and buttons up top that are raised and control the functions really easy, there is also a trip mount on the underside so it makes the speaker super portable, But there is more, we have RGB lights thrown into the mix to and this gives it some additional flair and makes it not boring like some portable speakers can be and they light effects look really well too.

When it comes to sound it does pack a punch and it has some bass, there is no app access here which would have been nice so hopefully they start adding their speakers to their app later on as their app is actually one of the better ones out there today and would be a real sweetener for the consumer but all is not bad regardless, the speaker is loud it is punchy it has bass and plays music quite well and easily fills a large room anyway.

The controls on top are simple to use and you can also use our phone too, there is also the option to put a micro sd card in which is really cool and now a common feature with Tronsmart and their speakers.

Tronsmart Groove 2 techbuzzireland
Tronsmart Groove 2 techbuzzireland

The sound though is what everyone wants to know about in these reviews and it is good, check out the unboxing and video samples below and you be the judge, the speaker packs a punch in a large room, even better in a smaller room and you will be surprised by the punch it packs and the light effects make it an excellent speaker to have at your disposal and let people be surprised by the sound that pops from it alongside the lights which is a thing these days and people will be impressed. Check the video review and audio samples for more and you be the judge.


  • Captivating Bass.
  • Diverse Light Modes.
  • Convenient Carabiner.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • True Wireless Stereo Pairing.
  • Dual EQ Modes.


Video Review

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