Although the volatility grasped the crypto market this year, Stablecoin emerged as the leading winner over the first three months of 2022.

According to information provided by The Block, a media organization that covers the blockchain business, the number of transactions involving stablecoins on the market increased by 8 per cent during the first quarter of this year. Let’s check out what stablecoins are, the reasons for their popularity, and are stablecoins worth it, etc. You can carry out all the above trading strategies on a platform such as Crypto Trader app.

Stablecoin: What is it?

The volatility of cryptocurrency is one of their issues. The volatility of cryptocurrencies has prevented them from achieving the expected level of worldwide recognition as digital assets with no real-world application. To address this problem and encourage the widespread use of cryptocurrencies worldwide, the idea of stablecoin was developed.

A cryptocurrency with a value “pegged” to another currency, like the US Dollar, is referred to as a stablecoin. Stablecoins lets users purchase, sell, and trade digital assets on the blockchain at rates that resemble those of legally recognized money. 

To reduce risk during periods of strong market stability, stablecoin is presently employed in the cryptocurrency market.

Stablecoin’s popularity reasons: 

Due to its digital, programmable, and blockchain-based nature, stablecoin provides many reasons for its popularity.


  • Unrestricted payment

A benefit of cryptocurrencies is that it is widely used and accepted. In addition, Stablecoins can be traded online, much like Bitcoin, regardless of the nation, bank, or type of middleman.


  • Small Fee

For both fiat and cryptocurrency, transaction fees are expensive and limited on all other platforms. Even greater fees apply when converting money to cryptocurrency or vice versa. When the currency is changed into stablecoins to complete the transaction, stablecoin can aid in lowering these costs.


  • More rapid processing

Stablecoins speed up the processing of financial and cryptocurrency transactions. This process requires a long time. Due to mid-investment pricing changes, this may have an impact. The procedure is streamlined, and traders can finish the deal before the price varies once again by converting cryptocurrency to stablecoins.


Stablecoins: Are they worth it?

The most recent hot trend to affect the cryptocurrency market is stablecoins. Because of how they work and are designed, stablecoins are becoming more popular. To reduce volatility and swings, stablecoins are a more stable kind of cryptocurrency. Usually, their worth is linked to other possessions with fixed prices. Stablecoins are immune from the uncertainty associated with other forms of cryptos because of their nature, which allows them to benefit from being a cryptocurrency.

Stablecoins provide much more stability than the others. Therefore, if there is anyone to who does not like volatility much or does not have so much aspiration of going in the roller coaster ride, they can opt for stablecoins. If customers feel the need to secure their investment in the cryptocurrency they have purchased, they can use a platform provided by digital exchange firms to purchase stablecoins. For people who want to avoid losing money when the market price of their invested cryptocurrency declines, stablecoins offer shelter. In this situation, exchange companies offer stablecoins for the user’s cryptocurrency. A stablecoin typically has a real-world stable item or commodity, such as fiat money or gold, as its backing.

There are numerous stablecoin kinds that can be traded for various cryptocurrencies. Examples of them are commodities collateralized stablecoins and fiat collateralized stablecoins. Exchanges using fiat collateralized stablecoins take place in stablecoins backed by fiat or actual money, such as the US dollar or the euro. 

The trade of commodity-collateralized stablecoins takes place in a stablecoin backed by a physical commodity like gold or precious metals with a fixed exchange rate. Stablecoins give the customer advantage by protecting their investment by exchanging it for stable cryptocurrencies, which they can convert back to when they feel confident in their investment and won’t suffer losses on. 

Wrapping it up:

The topic of stablecoins is covered in depth in this article. If you are unfamiliar with stablecoins and are curious about the factors that contribute to their growing popularity, then the article that was just referenced is written just for you. 


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