Are you looking for a way to convert EML files to PDF format? Don’t fret: here we will put forward the best and most amazing benefits of conversion of EML to PDF files. 

The first thing you need to know about this topic is understanding what an EML is. It can be described as a method applied by organizations that get involved with the handling of numerous emails daily to manage emails on their PC or laptop. Some applications that actively employ this methodology are:


  • Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • Microsoft Outlook Express;
  • IBMs Lotus Notes;
  • Windows Mail.


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Some unavoidable instances will normally prompt one to transform ELM into PDFs at some point. This want is always necessitated by the growth in the need to provide more security to the file. It is widespread knowledge that PDF provides a vast source of security features and hence is most preferable to many. Ideally, most EML format messages are stored in plain text. This is very different compared to a PDF document as it can store data containing text fonts, images, and hyperlinks. The idea behind this observation is mainly to secure these documents from undergoing any modification.

What Features Should One Look Out for in an EML to PDF Converter Software?

  • It should permit conversions to take place in any format without any underlying challenges. 
  • One that can allow flexibility in converting both single and multiple files for attaining efficiency.
  • A PDF conversion software chosen should be able to give a simple preview of how the file will appear after conversion. This is very helpful since necessary adjustments can be done before a permanent measure has been undertaken.
  • When choosing a converter, make sure that the one decided upon has no size restrictions backed on them and that files of any size can be converted regardless.
  • The software selected should be very flexible in a manner that deems it possible to split files into smaller files.
  • The PDF converter chosen should be able to provide an alternative to choosing the destination folder while saving the converted PDF document.


What Are Some Reasons Why You Might Need an EML to PDF Conversion?

  • Security purposes. If you want to ensure that your documentation is accorded high security, you need to adopt the culture of saving EMLs in PDF formats promptly. It is a very efficient method that ensures that no unauthorized eye gets a chance to glimpse at the information. The message will only be available to the intended persons. This is achieved since one can encrypt emails with passwords that only the intended parties can access. Consequently, alteration of information in this module is near impossible.
  • Another advantage that emanates from PDF converters is the fact that one can store and convert different PDF files and save them in one attachment, ensuring that efficiency is achieved to a greater measure.
  • One can certainly save numerous EML files as PDFs in a distinct location as a backup.
  • For an EML, one has to have an email client. With PDF files, it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • PDF files can be used as essential pieces of evidence for digital forensic investigations purposes.


We recommend the application of the professional technique over the manual process. The use of the manual method is very slow, and it will end up taking most of your time hence necessitating all people to migrate towards using the new effective methods. It allows easy conversion and has an email cleaning feature. 

It can convert EML files to PDF and numerous additional file formats. It can also migrate manifold file data to diverse email clients. It is well-matched with all devices and affords a free showpiece form.

Even though labor-intensive tactics are dependable enough in printing EML to PDF, they aren’t skilled in converting numerous EML files to PDF sideways with attachments. It is therefore advisable for any user to attempt a competent resolution that supports them to execute conversion together with attachments. 

Discover the great structures of this certified EML to PDF converter software to transfer in bulk EML to PDF files within a brief lapse of time.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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