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Refurbed, Ireland’s leading online marketplace for refurbished electronics, is today announcing its pledge, along with 16 other members of the European Refurbishment Association (EUREFAS), for a responsible refurbishment market. The goal of this pledge is to standardise renewed products with quality standard seals by 2023. With their active role in EUREFAS, refurbed are helping to shape a greener future as they encourage consumers to move towards environmentally friendly products.

In May 2022, refurbed attended the EUREFAS general assembly in Brussels where a new pledge was discussed. Members of EUREFAS pledged to take necessary actions to improve their business models in order to create a high-quality refurbishment sector for electronic devices in Europe. This includes standardising newly processed products with quality standard seals by 2023.

During the event members also had the opportunity to meet with crucial EU stakeholders from the European Commission. Members discussed key topics such as the Sustainable Products Regulation and the Right to Repair movement, both of which aim to influence industry and encourage consumers to change their consumption habits towards greener products.

Kilian Kaminski, Chair of the Working Group Communications and co-founder of refurbed, said:

“As a member of EUREFAS, we have the chance to define structures and guidelines for a relatively young industry together with competitors and partners. And not just on a local or national level, but across Europe. This creates transnational cooperation with members who pursue a similar mission. As co-founder of refurbed, it was important to me from the very beginning to be able to offer customers products of the highest quality – but this requires regulations and standards that also hold manufacturers accountable in order to make the refurbishment market trustworthy in the long term.”

He continued:

“I am delighted to see that the refurbishment market is growing increasingly popular among many countries in Europe. It is clear that there is a shift in consumer habits in many of refurbed’s markets, particularly Ireland where the number of Irish consumers buying refurbished devices is continuously increasing.”

The new EUREFAS member commitment is as follows:

EUREFAS members commit:

Towards a qualitative electronic equipment remanufacturing sector.

By signing this pledge, EUREFAS (European Refurbishment Association) members commit to take the following actions to improve their business models in order to create a high quality refurbishment sector for electronic equipment and high quality end products in Europe.


  • EUREFAS members commit to enabling a strong circular economy in Europe to combat climate change by reducing e-waste, carbon emissions and over-consumption of raw materials and aiming for carbon neutrality, as well as maximising the reuse of electronic equipment through refurbishment.

  • EUREFAS members are companies headquartered in the European Union that commit to comply with applicable EU and national laws.

  • EUREFAS members are committed to participating in certification schemes in order to provide the highest quality to their partners and customers and to continuously improve their systems to meet new challenges for their companies.

  • EUREFAS members undertake to use or allow the use in their electronic equipment and refurbishment processes of only original or compatible spare parts that have the same functions and technical specifications as the original parts.

  • EUREFAS members commit to ensuring privacy and consumer safety at every step of the reprocessing process.

  • EUREFAS members are committed to providing the best end-user experience by offering a commercial warranty on every electronic device sold and quality after-sales service.

  • EUREFAS members ensure the full functionality of all electronic equipment sold to the end user by testing all key control points.


By committing to the pledge, the refurbishment industry and the quality of the products will be structured and the interests of consumers will be safeguarded. The association has set itself the goal of providing this new quality seal by 2023 with the help of its internal members and experienced external experts.

Augustin Becquet, President and founding member of EUREFAS, says: “As there are still no pan-European standards in the market for remanufactured electronics, this commitment signed by all EUREFAS members is an important step towards making the industry more reliable, enabling a circular economy and empowering consumers to make informed, sustainable purchasing decisions.”

The current scope of countries represented in the association currently includes 9 countries and 17 members. In addition to refurbed, Recommerce, ReWare, Tech2Com, Foxway, Olinn, Omocom, Panzerglass, Asgoodasnew, Backmarket, ReBuy, ITC (ReCall First Hand), Swappie, AfB Group, Enjoy Recondizionati/Prestige Group, FixFirst and Remarketed are also

Part of EUREFAS. According to the Commission, a circular economy like remanufacturing can create 700,000+ jobs in Europe by 2030.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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