Edifier award winners at the VGP awards

The innovative and world-leading audio brand Edifier has picked up three awards at the prestigious Visual Grand Prix (VGP) 2022 in Japan: the brand new STAX Spirit S3 headphones were both a Gold Award and Special Prize Winner, whilst the NeoBuds Pro earbuds received the Grand Prize.

Known as the “Oscar in the Audio Industry”, the Japanese VGP Awards is the largest, most authoritative audio-visual awards in Asia. It is held on an annual-basis by Ongen Publishing Co., ltd., one of the most prominent publishing companies in Japan with an expertise in audio/visual related devices and state-of-art technologies. Launched in 1987, the awards bring together respected reviews from dozens of countries, all to offer an authoritative reference guide for ordinary consumers looking to make informed purchases. The VGPs are often recognised as the highest authority award in Asia’s audio-visual industry and mark a significant recognition for Edifier’s ground-breaking work in the industry.

“It’s always an immense privilege to receive accolades for our products, but receiving awards such as these, from a panel as prestigious as that found at the VGP Awards, is truly rewarding. As a company, we work extremely hard to be at the forefront of the audio-visual industry and our designers, testers and staff are incredibly proud to be recognised for this; especially when it comes from one of the most well-respected awards around,” said Stanley Wen, Edifier’s CTO.

Edifier Stax spirit S3

Amongst the winners was the brand new STAX Spirit S3, Edifier’s first premium Hi-Fi headphone designed for audiophiles and the first product in their new STAX Spirit product line – which revives the legendary ‘Stax’ name whilst achieving absolute audio fidelity suitable for Hi-Fi enthusiasts, music lovers, musicians and producers alike. The NeoBuds Pro similarly marks a significant innovation for Edifier; the buds were one of the first Hi-Res certified earbuds in the world and have garnered a sea of overwhelmingly positive reviews from respected press outlets and influencers.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro

The VGP awards recognise products that make a difference to the industry through state of the art technology and design; Edifier strives for excellence, pushing the boundaries and leading by innovation to ensure people can enjoy the best premium quality audio for personal entertainment and professional use. After another successful year at the ceremony, Edifier will continue to produce an award-winning range of products.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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