Benks magnetic radiator

We all know smartphones can get hot with heavy usage, gaming phones in particular do and they have overcome the problem with heat dissipation solutions, all gaming phones now come with this issue solved and mobile gamers are happy, there is plenty of phones out there though that do not have a solution some may have vapour chambers made with copper and frankly many phones are not up to the gaming challenge, gaming phones are big and bulky and started off silly looking but over the years they got better looking and more slimlined and all this with the built in heat solutions..

Benks have come up with this simple plug and play solution for those who have a standard phone and want to keep it cool whilst gaming or vlogging, both these are taxing on a phone and cause it to heat up and it can damage your phone which is the last thing you need, to point out once applied you will lose the wireless charging if your device has it and the magnetic patch you apply to your phone is rather hard to remove, the unit itself can be powered by your phone or a wall charger and simply just sticks on the rear of the device and that is all there is too it.

This gets really cold it has to be said and I did not think it would be possible to get so cold, it is ice cold in fact nor it is noisey like other fans you might hear at home like your games console for example. Check the video below for more and see what it is all about.

Benks magnetic cooler techbuzzireland
Benks magnetic cooler techbuzzireland


  • Defeat the heat with the Benks Phone Cooler. Powered by advanced cooling technology for enhanced gaming performance and avoiding lag. Stay cool when the smartphone battle heats up.
  • Strong magnet, stick on like glue.
  • Undisturbed gameplay, Benks phone cooler brings peace, not noise.
  • Reduce phone temperature and maintain battery health.
  • Mute Engine Dissipation: Dual silent designing fan can efficiently emit wind from all sides, providing a stronger refrigeration effect, no disturbance to your gaming or your Vlog show.
  • Multiple Scenes Suitable: It is a must-have for mobile phone game players and vloggers who use their phones to make live streaming video


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