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If you have a new baby or even pet in the house this may just be the thing to have at your disposal, simple and effective and easy to use and also very affordable you should check this out, also there is no app here like most have so in effect it is a simple plug and play gadget and all you really need is a micro SD card, there is one small drawback though but the idea is still great.

The drawback being no smartphone connectivity is only where i can fault this, why you might ask, OK so if you are out and about and want to keep in check with your baby or pet this does not happen here it is all in your own house and the range is 1000 ft which is impressive I might add so for those with big houses it is simply a must have if you are the concerned type.

Unboxing the Vacos baby monitor

The installation is simple, just turn on the device but before hand ensure both have been charged up as the instructions say to get going without a hitch and you will be literally good to go in a minute or two. You will need the sd card as mentioned to save events locally, you will get an alarm on your small tablet and then you can investigate, connecting to your home WiFi is all that is needed in the setup process.

Two devices link to each other via 2.4 GHz private FHSS transmission. View recording without WiFi or app. 100% encryption protects your baby’s privacy from top to bottom.

Once all setup you can then check out the UI on board which is simple and easy to use, there is also a small stand on back and you can place this beside you on your locker or table once you have placed the camera where it is best suited for you, there is two way audio here and also lullabies to help your baby sleep, the screen though is only 720 not the best in the world but you can make out what is going on even in the dark as you will see in the video below where we go through the UI set up and more and of course samples of day and night quality.

For the price here it is good value I think and what is on offer, perhaps a future version would include a screen for the baby or pet too which would be a nice idea I think and even an app then in its current state but overall it is a great product and value for money and keeping your mind at rest once you can watch your child in your home whilst getting other things done.


The latest 2.4 GHz wireless tech enables the monitor to communicate with the camera via their own proprietary network signal from up to 1,000 ft away (in open areas).

Feeder reminder

Designed for mothers who want to track their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due – it is a must for night feeds.

Expandable up to 4 Cameras

The 5’’ LCD monitor can pair up to 4 cameras simultaneously, enabling you to keep an eye on multiple rooms in your home.

5 Comforting Lullabies

This camera provides 5 lovely lullabies for the baby. Play those lullabies to calm the crying baby when you are not in the nursery.



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