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With the Summer coming in fast and we have had a great few days lately which was great timing for testing this latest product from TORRAS which is the Coolify 2 which is the second model they have now created, you can check out the first model and other models on offer on their site, there is 3 versions of the latest model with a starting price of $179 and goes upwards to $229 with some extras, do not forget to include shipping costs and taxes if applicable to your region.The company offer free  shipping in the US.

What is the product about then

If you are into sports and fitness or just like being cooled down then this is for you, it might seem a bit cumbersome by its size but do not let that put you off, the headset is no bigger than an average pair of headphones only you let them rest on your neck, there is two controls on the device and that is is nothing complicated at all here.

a. Click the power button — turn on/gear 1 2 3/turn off the COOLIFY2.
b. Press the power button for 1.5S at any mode/gear — turn off the COOLIFY2.
c. Click the mode button– switch in between cooling mode and fan mode.
d. Press the mode button for 1.5S — switch in between cooling mode/ fan mode and heating mode.
We go through the motions in the review anyway so do check it out below in the hands on video

Build quality

The build is mainly plastic but robust it might feel a bit cumbersome for some folk but after using it you can forgive this as seen in video review below it has a glossy finish for the most part and has air outlets on both sides and breathing holes for the fans too.

Does it actually work

Yes in short it does you can heat up or cool down but the USP here is the cool factor with the pun intended you will not need ice a cold towel or a bucket of water with this on it works a treat and with the hot weather we had here I took advantage of this and brought it with me on a small break in the country and I often carry a small desk fan with me on my travels but did not this time around to give this a shot and it is a lifesaver if you are hot and not a huge fan of the heat which is me..Battery life is also good for 18 hours in fan mode 1, or 1.5 hours in cooling mode 3. The LED Screen shows the battery life and setting mode as you will see in the video review.

Can I recommend it.

That is an easy yes if you are into sports or a regular user of a fan and require cooling down, anyone can use it in fact, the ease of use factor is also important here with no app or connecting to your phone and so on, however perhaps the next variant might include a headphone option to sweeten the deal, some might think the price is a bit much but it is the convenience factor here of how the product is made and how simple it is to use yet alone the benefits of getting cool fast.


  • – Chill, instantly. Cool Down 27°F in 1S.
  • – Immersive Wrap-around Cooling with KU 2.0 Chip. It improves the cooling performance up to 7 times. Turn it on, turn heat off.
  • – Colossal 3D Airflow Power for neck fan. Fully personalize your temperature, anytime, anywhere.
  • – Live it Up from Dusk ’til Dawn, 3H Charge for Up to 23H Use
  • – Flex-to-Fit 0-160°, Coolify2 makes one-size-fits-all possible.
  • – Smart, as it should be. NTC smart temperature control and LED hidden design keep your temperature more manageable.
  • – Portable and safe, cooling made easy. Wrap around and breeze your neck safely thanks to 13x safety protection.
  • – Heating, In the Air. It is also designed for keeping you warm in colder months. Go heated, go totally warm.


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Video Review


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