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We know Bitcoin as a highly volatile digital coin in the trading app. The said factor gets hampered in many ways. One of the ways it is influenced includes the number of searches made on search engines like Google. Here is a fascinating study carried out by a search engine marketing company known as SemRush. It was in 2017 when this agency talked about this issue. They claimed that the Price at that time had a relationship with the vast amount of Bitcoin-based Google searches. It only showcases how the Price of Bitcoin was seen rising and falling in lockstep with several BTC-based investigations. The agency study proved that the search volume increased as the BTC price increased. It failed to say the searches came at the exchange rate between BTC and USD. Then there was a sudden surge of inquiries made about the coin. It went to around 450 percent in just five months from the 5th to the 9th month. We have seen an estimated volume of coin-based searches grow by about 51.4 million.

How are Bitcoin searches on Google and its Price interlined?

One of the common notions about this topic is that these searches will boost the Price of Bitcoin. In other words, we see the interest following the people along with its price growth. It may not be entirely wrong; however, we see a good boost in Bitcoin-based searches and interest over the Bitcoin boom as per the data. Once again, this will not apply to any spike, and you can find the results. It comes in terms of searches that will hamper the Price. The search for Bitcoin seemed to come along with seven times the fiat currencies like USD. It has gone up by 47 times more than other currencies like Euro.

You can find too many app-based platforms and websites which offer reasonable exchange rates for USD and Euros. However, Bitcoin is a relatively new option, which means that the users will get enough time to search on the web. The internet gap is seen coming along with something huge compared to the US that is perhaps we saw the people which are likely to be seen in the research results with the currency. Bitcoin searches are now seen 57 times more than any other usual searches found for the fiat currencies like USD in the US and 70 times for the coins like Euros.

We see an excellent boom of Bitcoin, and it seems to have contributed a lot to boost up the interest in the coin and many more prediction websites, which are expected to trend this year. There are several BTC-based websites, which have also indicated the same results as other sites. We have seen a good growth of these coins, and these have included the results of CoinMarketCap as well, which claims that Coinbase and Binance have given similar figures—gaining 60 million as the total number of visits in a month in the past five years. In 2021, we saw a good growth that reached 194 m.

The Growth of Google Searches regarding BTC related keywords

In 2017, when Bitcoin was on Boom, we saw the keyword Bitcoin rising to 100 M. From Jan to May last year, the score was seen going high, and it is linked to many of the vast BTC price and proliferation of the same reaching to the all-time high 70K USD. The term’s popularity is seen coming along with a good search interest remaining in any specific region for half a decade. However, the keyword – Bitcoin price went to the value of 16 on GT. It only means that the growth of Bitcoin price bases searches is now going great with its potential. In other words, we see the investigations of Bitcoin be on Google, and it can boost the uptrends.

We have seen a good search increase among the people, and the coin price is now added up. It also shows that the interest you can find in Bitcoin is likely to remain higher when Bitcoin is also trading at 50K USD and more even when it was down by 20K USD. Later we also saw the coin dipping more down, and Google was seen trending with its value of reasonable Price in its keyword. The failing price keyword is seen on Google search only talked about the loss of interest in this topic.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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