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There has been several mobile devices over the years that enabled you to take a detox from all the hustle and your phone hopping all day with notifications but these are far and few between, we have dumphones and feature phones and then the smartphones which can give you all you need for little money these days and one can argue you can just turn off the notification or delete the apps but it is to easy and lets be honest about it, we can just switch all this back on.

The MP02 can be used as a second phone as a way to get some ‘digital downtime’ – everything else is left behind for a while. Alternatively, many MP02 owners use it as their sole phone and combine it with a mini-tablet as required, via the MP02’s hotspot. Having that larger screen is a major upgrade over any smartphone, and a tablet does not have the same ‘pester power’.

The MP02 offers an alternative to mass-produced, old-tech handsets. It’s not just a thin-as-possible pixel platform; it’s a solid, comfortable piece of equipment that is easy to pick up, feels great in the hand, and is never, ever going to bend. Its sleek elegance is matched by top-quality materials, producing a phone that provides a concrete reminder of why the physical world is the world that matters even before it is switched on.

Check out this new phone and stay tuned for a full hands on review soon…

Find out more about Punkt.’s new eco-conscious phone cases here.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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