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The earbuds game is oversaturated a long time now and the cost to performance ratio has also got much better for the consumer which means better deals for those in the market for new earbuds and it can only get better, with so many players in the market now there is plenty of choice and some might be a risk especially imports and copies which we see at petrol stations and cheap tech stores throughout the country.

We have been testing an affordable pair which can be bought on Amazon are the S12 earbuds and deliver across the board there is no app no wireless charging and no auto play and pause but everything else you need is present such as skip and reverse tracks play and pause volume up and down and you have access to your voice assistant too all of which are considered the basics these days.

The case they come in is also quite nice too and has a matt finish and hold the earbuds securely and has a USB-C port for charging and a pairing button, the earbuds themselves are a clean design and do look similar to airpods which would not be a new thing these days and have a touch area that works quite well in comparison to other out there I have tried out.

LHBD Q12 earbuds techbuzzireland
LHBD S12 earbuds techbuzzireland

When it comes to sound they are loud and punchy with great bass too so for the bass fans these are a must if you want to purchase a cheap pair of earbuds, highs lows and mids where fine and overall really these are quite good for the small price you pay and they look clean and fit quite well too, battery life might be on the lower end of the norm but what you get for your money you can’t really give out at all. Check out the video review for more and how to operate the S12 earbuds and stay tuned for more real hands on tech reviews where stock images don’t cut it.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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