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Blockchain has been emerging as a potent technological force for the past few years. Now, it aims to change the status quo of the travel industry so that technology can take place in travelling. You might have seen that different companies nowadays are adopting Blockchain and cryptocurrency services on a broader scale. Blockchain is impacting a lot of industries. Most people trade using cryptocurrencies, and therefore, unknowingly, getting its benefits. As a result, Blockchain became a game-changer in the trading world. Now, it is also setting its foot deep down into the fragmentation of the travel and tourism industry in different corners of the world. If you want to start bitcoin trading check the prominent btc lightning networks wallet to opt in 2022.

You should also know that the travelling industry is not just one thing. It comprises different parts, and therefore, a traveller has to pay attention to all of them. It may comprise flights, Hotels, car rentals, and many more. It is quite a hustling task, and therefore, Blockchain technology takes part in it. Blockchain can make everything sophisticated for companies, and therefore, many companies are already dealing with it. Companies present at the global level want to modify the travel industry. Blockchain technology can be helpful, and therefore, it is taking the possible advantage out of it. It has already provided services to the travel industry because it is straightforward to implement in supply chain management. It can help the industry trace data whenever required, and it is undoubtedly an essential advantage. Some companies are willing to establish the place of Blockchain in the travel industry more prominent than ever before, and they are in this post.

Winding tree

This company displaces the whole online booking hubs leading the travel industry. Some of the major companies like Expedia are the ones who dominate the booking of airlines. But, the services provided by these companies come at a considerable cost to the travellers and service providers. Here comes the use of Blockchain technology. The block in technology used by the winding tree company aims at eliminating these middlemen as a whole. They want to make the industry utterly transparent in front of the consumers and the service providers. These big companies act as the middleman or gatekeepers of the services, and therefore, they charge enormous prices for their services. The winding three aims at eliminating these companies so that there could be an equitable distribution of the travel industry market.


When you lose your hotel bookings or travel tickets, you will get additional tension. It can be inaccurate, and therefore, you will face tremendous problems in your travelling journey. When this happens, as a customer, you will incur any charges that you may take up to retrieve your bookings. The food supply chain management provided by the old companies is not familiar with this kind of problem. Here comes the use of Blockchain technology as it can provide distributed ledger technology. With the help of this company, customers can get assurance and avoid any inaccuracies with their air tickets or hotel bookings. Furthermore, it makes it easier for them to keep track of everything they have booked with the Blockchain.


It is a company based in Spain. The company aims at providing a different landscape for the loyalty programs by different travel companies. With the help of a blockchain-based platform, this company allows customers to change their loyalty coins into loyalty tokens. Hence, the customers get the capability of changing their brand-specific rewards into loyalty tokens that are already on.


Waiting for an extended period at the Airport lines is one of the most hustling tasks about travelling. After that, you have to go to the security changes, but it can take a lot of time with the traditional approach. Therefore, Blockchain technology is used by the Accenture company to shorten this period. It has developed a traveller digital identity system to decrease the waiting time.

Travel chain

It is a company based in Russia and removing intermediaries from the supply chain of the travel industry. The users are given the handle of their data to collect it and monetize it to keep it safe from others. They can also get tokens for sharing their data with the travel company.

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