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Most of will be aware of the constant Road Safety Authority aims of the ‘National Be Safe, Be Seen’ is to remind people of the importance of wearing high visibility material when out walking, cycling or motorcycling. The Blincclip is a step in the right direction with its self-blinking super-bright reflector. This can be fitted indoors or outdoors with dual colours: Red (night) +fluorescent yellow (day). The material itself is designed for outdoor use

The kit came with a 3M Diamond Grade micro prismatic reflector ( Size: 88×66 mm  ) and a variety of Stipes that can be fitted to surfaces or tied on with the supplied string or attached to a bike saddlebag. The manufacturers quote the Blincclip reflects nearly 58% of the headlight beam.

A set of custom 3M 360 and dynamic reflectors that you install on your rims and frame. The Blincc Hex is enhanced with a crystal clear protective layer for extra durability and tear resistant. 

blincc techbuzzireland
blincc techbuzzireland


The installation is of a personal choice in terms of what to fit the Blincclip to and where to fit it If used on a bike the various strips are pulled of and can be fitted to the wheel frame, personal choice can be made in terms of the approach taken in the various length that can be used. The custom 3M 360 reflectors can be  installed on the  rims or bike frame This is ideal for the younger generation that often feels “ uncool” to have the extra safety equipment fitted, This option allows the tailoring of the locations, design placing of the strips while maintaining safe visibility during the dark nights.

Warranty :

This is excellent to see on the warranty side “BLINCC product comes with a no-hassle, no-rhetoric lifetime guarantee”


This is a simple effective way to improve safety,  from a Singapore cycling brand that won’t break the bank whether used on bike or attached to outdoor gear.


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