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Over the last few weeks we have been testing some headphones at all price points which is great for the consumer and the latest from Edifier which come in under the 100 euro mark have been on my ears for two weeks now and it is time to talk about them and if they are worth your money and with Edifier we never expect a poor performance and indeed that is the case here again with their latest cans..

These are plain and to the point built mostly of plastic light and comfortable and comfort here is great even for long periods of use and as with all my headphones they get tested for hours as it suits me here in the house to try out everything they have to offer be it for work or leisure.

The controls on the headphones are all one one side here too which make it simple for the user with raised buttons, now they do look cheap but are easy to use blindly and tactile and do a great job every time you press them and this is something people prefer this over swiping or touch based headphones so overall you cant really complain.

Both side have the old ratchet arm extensions which solid and will not move once on your head, also there was no clamping feeling noted here during my time with them, this is something that can happen even with more expensive headphones but not the case here at all. The cups are soft and plush as is the headband so overall a really comfortable pair of headphones. Battery life is also decent enough here at this pricepoint and again this will differ between people and how they use them with volume levels and ANC etc, you can toggle between ANC modes and also a gaming mode in the app.

When it comes to sound these do a great job, to make it to the point they are decently loud, deliver on highs lows and mids with a nice bit of bass thrown in and for music movies and more anyone will be pleased with the listening experience that is not a real audiophile, coming from someone who has tested most of the companies products for the price they sound good is my point and you also get access to their Edifier Connect app which enhances the experience even more even though there could be more options in the app. Check the video review for more on the headphones and the app.

Edifier W820NB and Edifier Connect app
Edifier W820NB and Edifier Connect app

Main Features:

  • Hi-Res Audio standard for a rich listening experience
  • Active noise cancellation technology isolates unwanted noise
  • Ambient sound mode allows you to hear environmental sounds such as traffic or flight announcements
  • Built-in microphone with DNN (deep neural network) noise cancellation for clear phone calls
  • Large driver with titanium diaphragm delivers crystal-clear sound
  • Low latency for game mode gives players an immersive gaming experience
  • Up to 49 hours continuous playback
  • Lightweight headset assures comfortable fit


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