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ROOM is launching ‘Room for Zoom’ in Ireland with Zoom Video Communications, Inc and HP Inc. This turnkey video collaboration suite for modern offices and workplaces will support businesses to better connect remote employees with those who have returned to the office.

Room for Zoom provides a tailored space for one of the most popular collaboration software, and at the same time bridges the gap between in-person and remote working for the new hybrid workplace that puts people’s needs first.

As workers in Ireland get ready to readjust to life back in the office, demand for integrated workspace designed for Zoom’s video communications platform will increase. Room for Zoom is a soundproof, modular architecture solution that’s fitted with built-in VC lighting, a monitor, webcam, skylights, connected power sources, ventilation and more to offer the ultimate video conferencing room.

In a time when the workspace is at stake, it needs a complete overhaul In a recent survey carried out by Ireland Thinks, 71% of workers said that if they can work remotely, they should have the right to do so. Earlier this month, the IBEC said
that workplaces in Ireland must be facilitated in their attempts to manage requests for remote working in a flexible and collaborative manner which is suitable for their business.

The CIPD — the body representing HR professionals also published a survey in late 2021 on hybrid working. Its figures suggest that 40% of surveyed employers expect that more than half of their staff will work from home after the pandemic has ended. Most employees expect to work part of the time in a central or local office.

It’s clear that in a post-pandemic Ireland, people will demand flexible, hybrid work arrangements — neither working entirely from home, nor entirely from an office.

“The return to office working is a much-debated topic among businesses and workers globally, but one thing that everyone agrees on is video communications are very much here to stay. We’ve teamed up with Zoom and HP to create a solution that allows employees in the workplace to seamlessly connect with their remote-based colleagues” said ROOM Co-Founder, Morten Meisner-Jensen. “Our aim is not just about changing spaces – we want to rethink and redesign our relationship with work. Improving life for employees at work is now on the radar of CEOs and CFOs globally. This is why we have designed a space in which employee-centric software and modular architecture complement each other. Modular architecture makes workspace design affordable and flexible because it can grow with a company.

It’s something that’s right for today but can also be reconfigured to evolve with the changing needs of a business tomorrow” added Meisner-Jensen. Room for Zoom: Modular architecture that meets the needs of a hybrid world Room for Zoom, like all of ROOM’s modular products, includes sustainable soundproofing made from recycled plastic bottles, which is engineered to reduce noise by 27dB. The Room also features a custom accessory rail for personal belongings, and a whiteboard provides users with a comfortable, clutter-free workspace and ample natural light.

ROOM’s innovative, adaptive, modular office furniture provides dedicated environments for both individual or collaborative work. ROOM’s products are pre-fabricated, sustainably sourced, and flat-packed, offering both quick assembly and continued flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of companies navigating the post-pandemic return to physical offices.

To combat the uncertainty of flexible lease terms and hybrid work models, ROOM helps to inform customers’ spatial planning across workspaces with Room Sense. This is the company’s proprietary analytics dashboard that provides companies with real-time data on product utilization and office density.

Room for Zoom combines ROOM’s modular Focus Room with an HP Collaboration G6 27-inch All-in-One touchscreen, paired with a Logitech Brio Ultra HD PRO Business Webcam, pre-installed with Zoom Rooms software for seamless communication and collaboration in ROOM’s modular solution.

Room for Zoom also features two custom-built LED light strips with remote dimming that create the perfect, shadow-free video conference experience. Room for Zoom is available in two different colour pallets, light and dark, and costs €16,495. More information on Room for Zoom is available here.

As with ROOM’s modular Focus Room, Room for Zoom will also feature:

● Adjustable desk heights, providing comfort for all seating positions
● Built-in power sources, so employees never run out of battery
● Silent fans and fresh air ventilation to ensure the working environment comfortable, regardless of the season
● Optional HEPA filtration for clean, filtered, fresh air

“Architecture and location can be a source of stress during video calls: lighting, background noise and the chance someone could walk into the room during a conversation. ROOM worked with us to put together a product that removes those pain points while helping people in workplaces in Ireland work more closely together, regardless of their location,” adds Phil Perry, Head of UK & Ireland at Zoom. “We’re excited by this collaboration, and we’re looking forward to seeing Room for Zoom roll out across Ireland in the coming months.”

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