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Do you still wait for match updates to be read out to you from a newspaper or a magazine? Or you tap your mobile screen, navigate through a channel, and start watching live. Technology has transformed the entire world into a new place. No wonder why the sports industry has seen growing trends in recent years, with so much variation in introductory elements and shaping foundation, mechanisation has completely revolutionised the sports and entertainment industry. 

The world is stuck amid the riddles of the global pandemic and technology has played a vital role in reshaping the connection between the users and developers. The sports industry has seen a magnificent rise in terms of economy as well as user-base. Many technological aspects have been introduced in the domain of sports in Maryland. 


  • Better Vision


With live streaming content, virtual reality, and augmented reality becoming a boost-up for the online sports platforms, artificial intelligence has piqued its offering for facilitating the user’s experience and enlightening them with a real-time gaming experience. With digital enhancements, it has become easy for users to spend time in their homes with an enhanced virtual experience. You can sit in front of your PCs and install headsets and glasses and take the feel of traditional gaming space. 


  • Fantasy Sports


Technology has given rise to various fantasy sports that are played virtually by players worldwide. Players make their own teams and participate in imaginary professional sports. With updates in technology, it has become possible for the users to analyse the actual performance of the player and make teams accordingly. This is a new trend growing nowadays with the advancement of tech innovation relating to ongoing matches.  


  • Virtual Standing

Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the virtual standing of any sport. Amid the growing online market, any industry be it sports or entertainment cannot sustain itself without online reach and social media coverage. The virtual base needs to be strengthened in order to make a developing future. Big names such as Maryland Fanduel have also collaborated with other giant operating businesses to expand their reach online. Good virtual recognition is very essential in today’s generation, users rely on your social standing more than its traditional base. 


  • Easy News Transmission 


With technology spreading its innovation and developing trends throughout the world, any news or any event update is ready to be covered just with a tap on your phone or with news on the screen flashing. You don’t have to wait for television or newspaper for story sessions or the latest news updates, all you need to do is get a network connection and start reading the latest news on your smartphones from anywhere anytime. 


  • Video Gaming Experience


Video gaming has become the newest gaming trend in the online gaming industry. Cloud gaming has facilitated various gaming offers for its new users as well as existing users to play trending video games, live streaming from computers, or streaming devices. These online video games are quite affordable and attractive for the youth, and it’s easy to install on devices or set up on PCs. Technology has helped gamers invest in the modern mechanics of video games. 


  • Detailed Information 


With various sports news apps and entertainment websites flourishing, it has become simple to acquire information from the internet. You can simply visit ESPN or any other channel and derive the latest sports information, match scores, athletes’ performance, and whatnot. Similarly, entertainment news is also popular and is forecasted in various channels from where you can gather detailed information and work accordingly. 


  • User Engagement on Social Media


Social media engagement is a necessity for any online platform to sustain. Youth today are investing most of their time in social media platforms, this can be taken as an advantage. Why not list your social media page amidst your user-profiles and create live sessions, webinars, etc., and engage fans worldwide at a massive scale. Platforms like Twitter uses hashtags to create separate individual content for their fanbase. These little innovative trends in social media help improve fans’ motivation and trustworthiness for a particular firm. 


  • Digital Sports Stadiums


The traditional sports stadiums are no more simple, they have transformed into smart places with wifi connectivity, seat locators, ticket scanners, online food services, etc., for the spectators. All these digital conveniences give the viewers a completely different in-stadium experience. Probably, the fans would be able to interact with the athletes, play quizzes, and start with live polls in the near future.  


Technology has not left any front unseen or untouched and has completely changed the way the sports industry performed earlier. With the advancement of augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile applications, esports, etc., everything seems so lively and new. Also, the entertainment industry has shifted its base to a completely new generation with new mechanics and efficient solutions. 


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.