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If you study the ideology behind the development of crypto, you will learn that it was made for common people. The idea was to create a currency controlled by its users instead of any other entity. In the case of fiat currencies that are conventionally used, they are either controlled by governments or federal banks. 

Although today, many people buy crypto with the dream of getting rich overnight, some still appreciate the concept of decentralization. Blockchain and decentralization are two major elements of crypto that make it the safest currency on the planet. 

People who have knowledge of the crypto world have started using crypto for their periodic payments. There are many reasons behind this transition which we will discuss in this post. According to crypto news, government bodies express more support and encouragement to enforce more safety measures for crypto since it has become a popular currency.

The following are some of the most logical points proving that crypto is safe for everyday payments:

Reasons Why Crypto Is Safe For Everyday Payments

 1. Instant And Cost-Effective

During making any payments, everyone hates waiting. However, if you opt for most conventional means, there’s always a risk of delay. The case will be changed if you choose crypto for your payments.

Crypto gained popularity due to its unparalleled speed when it comes to transactions. Even if you sit overseas from the sender or receiver, the whole procedure will be done instantly. Moreover, the transaction fee that you will bear is also considerably lower than typical transactional charges. 

If we move to the traditional fiat currencies, transactions, especially across borders, can even take days. In addition, although this is rare, people have faced inconvenience due to record misplacement. It can’t happen in the case of crypto due to blockchain technology.

All records are stored in different systems globally and recorded in the digital ledger. 

2. Inflation Proof

All over the world, all kinds of fiat currencies have only seen a downfall in their values. On the flip side, most of the reputed cryptocurrencies have only seen a rise if you conclude as a whole. 

It is because the number of cryptocurrencies is limited. For instance, Bitcoin, which is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency, has only 21 Million coins in the blockchain. Hence, when something is limited, it automatically gains value. 

On the other side, the printing of fiat currencies is in the hands of governments and banks. On that account, the traditional currencies will keep losing their value over time. 

It makes investing in crypto a safer medium to store your savings.

 3. Anonymity

If you talk about the present, even the governments are worried about organized cybercrimes. Current cybercrime organizations are so advanced that your savings are not secured even in your bank account. According to multiple reports, hackers have targeted and stolen money directly from bank accounts.  

The best way to keep your savings safe is by investing in crypto in this situation. No one can trace back your assets from hackers to even the government. Only you are the one having access to your wallet. 

4. Multiple Ways Of Usage

To this date, several people believe that crypto is all about trading and making money out of it. However, the reality is quite different from this particular perception. There are several things you can use your crypto for. 

For example, you can buy gift cards using crypto and save them for later. There are several benefits of buying gift cards using crypto. You can use these gift cards for making purchases on your favorite online stores. Even gift cards of those stores which don’t accept crypto as a payment method can be bought using your crypto wallet. 

On top of that, buying crypto gift cards is also very simple and quick. One of the platforms you can use to buy crypto gift cards is Coingate. Coingate crypto payment processor takes no time and sends you gift cards details instantly. 

Other than gift cards, you can use crypto for buying commodities. You can gold, oil, silver and other such commodities using your crypto wallet. This fact makes crypto a very practical and safe currency for your everyday use. 

5. Theft-Proof

People store conventional fiat currencies in banks or their homes. Unfortunately, both of these places are not safe anymore. Crypto, however, is stored in hot or cold wallets. Hot wallets are the software that you can use to store the keys and details of your wallet.

Similarly, cold wallets are referred to as those hardware devices which can be used for storing details. These wallets are highly encrypted, and breaching their security barriers is nearly impossible. For more information on crypto wallets, you can check this article.

Final Thoughts

People who are convinced that using crypto is more practical often get confused when it comes to safety. Several points clearly prove that crypto is a much safer currency compared to other traditional ones.  

It is safe to use crypto for your everyday payments because nothing is ever delayed in the crypto world. Transfer of funds takes place in a blink of an eye. Moreover, this currency is not prone to inflation like fiat currencies. Anonymity and the fact that crypto is theft-proof also conclude that it is absolutely safe to use cryptocurrency for your regular payments.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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