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With working from home now a thing the right tools for the job would be required for those who do so and now being a more permanent option for many as some do have the hybrid option this is a desk you should look at which comes in several forms and colours electric and non electric, this is part one of my review in its current state as I am waiting on new equipment to arrive however even as it is now it suits my needs and more and the rest just adds to the options you get with this company that thinks of everything.

I have been using their older sit stand desk for some time and this alone is another option for those who want the most robust equipment at their disposal, heavy yet portable this desk can be moved around the house too but I advise two people move it if doing so, the same applies to the latest table on offer which is a two man job to lift and install and it will take around an hour or so taking your time to get this right with the level it is set height wise and width wise so be sure to make sure you have the space and include all the optional extras that come with it.

The desk does fold away which is neat and does not look to out of place either you have a massive work space enough for two desktops or two laptops and there is also risers on the rear if you wish to avail of those, you also have an electric option to raise and lower the desk which is handy and the materials used are top notch as expected from the company and they will last and ny old sit stand table is testament to that which I have in another room.

Ergotron JUV wall mounted desk set up 2

As seen above and the header image is two examples of how I have been using the desk but there is many more ways to do so and we will see all this in a later review when the good arrive for my final permanent office space, what I like about this top is the space available at hand it can be split into two almost and have your work and in my case review space on the one desk and not having to worry about anything, behind the centre monitor is where all the cables go and you can also remove the cover where you can hide cables and more and this is where the risers can be fixed too for mounted monitors.

Designed with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force technology, the non-electric JŪV™ Wall mount supports agility by allowing users to move quickly and quietly from sit to stand, eight to ten times faster than traditional height-adjustable tables. It offers the full BIFMA ergonomic range – an industry-first for a non-electric adjustable surface – and is built with a fully concealed cable management system, giving users instant access to power and data without sacrificing aesthetics.

There is a difference here as there is no cut out if you will to lean in toward your workstation like the last one which I became custom to but after using this for some time now this is also fine and working with both is not really an issue now it would be down to personal preference I guess and what your needs are but both fine for me.

The JŪV™ Wall range is available in a variety of size and colour combinations; the JŪV engine in Graphite or Snow White, and the worksurface in Birch Wood or Icy White. Customers can always stay connected and work efficiently, thanks to direct access to power and charging adding the special JŪV power accessory. Next to that, they can complete their ergonomic experience with the monitor riser accessory available for up to two computer screens.

If you are working from home you should check out what the company has to offer and not only do they cater for folks working from home they also work with other fields such as medical and so on see Ergotron for more and what they can offer you

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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