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Creative have been serving up some great tech this year and we have checked out a good amount of it and for anyone into audio it is a brand you should check out for your needs as these come in at really affordable prices and their latest set of earbuds are no different either which is the Creative Outlier Air V3, it must be noted I missed the previous models here so my review is based on these and these alone and not comparing to older models as it would be unfair to as they have not been in my hands so let’s see what we have on offer. You can see the unboxing HERE

Build and design

These come in a really cool case that slides open giving them the best protection you could ask for housed in an aluminium case yet they are still held in with magnets so they won’t get lost if they are just dumped in your bag or tossed on a couch, they are a drum shaped earbud which is similar to older models when it comes to their shape and they fit nicely in the ears once the right tips are used as with most earbuds, if you are into the stem type earbuds look away now as these are not for you,they have a nice circular top which acts as the touch area for controls and works really well and also there is a light that goes round this which is cool giving out status for connection etc.

Creative OutlierAir V3 techbuzzireland
Creative OutlierAir V3 techbuzzireland


Set-up is simple and you of course have access to the SuperX-Fi app which is a game changing app for sound that puts you in the centre of things and  you can map your head to avail of Creative’s holographic technology, this is done by taking a photo of the left and right ear and face and a tip here is to get someone to do your ears. Once set up you can use this app to enhance the experience.


Sound is what most people look at reviews for and once again they deliver and the price you pay makes it an easy purchase if you are on a budget and this is thanks to the app that also has an equaliser built in that changes the experience from my usual testing they deliver did not sound tinny did not distort on max volume and overall a great listening experience the app has access to your music files on your device so you do not need to use a different music player to open the music files you have at hand however if you listen to other streaming apps you can’t use the app which will hopefully be addressed sometime in the future,as for me it is not a problem really as I have all my music files stored on my devices.These are powered by 6 mm Bio-cellulose drivers by the way.


Battery life is slated at 40 hours here but this can vary depending on the settings like volume and ambient mode etc and overall I hit less than slated but not by much however the same can be said for any manufacturer here and I tend to go max volume and full ANC and for me it was around 37 hours in total which is fine, like that’s nearly a week lads..


Overall here you get a great set of earbuds with wireless charging thrown in and great sound these are ones to look out for and for 50 quid you just cant complain really yes I said 50 quid at the time of posting this.


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