12% of Irish adult internet users, or an estimated 456,000 people, said they owned cryptocurrency in the December survey, up from 8% in October – an increase of four percentage points according to’s latest Cryptocurrency Adoption Index.

However Ireland is still slightly behind the global average of 15%, ranking 20th for cryptocurrency ownership out of the 27 countries included in the study.

Bitcoin is still the most popular coin to have (5%), followed by Ethereum and Dogecoin (3% each), and XRP (2%).

The report reveals around a quarter of Irish adults (26%) think cryptocurrency is a good investment – well below the global average (43%).

However, 64% Irish adults know what cryptocurrencies are, compared to 85% in Australia and 68% in Vietnam.

Bitcoin adoption in Ireland

Bitcoin is probably the best-known name in the world of cryptocurrency, which is probably why an average of 39.1% of crypto owners globally said they had BTC in their wallets. As for Ireland, BTC ownership came in above the global average, with 44.3% of crypto owners saying they held BTC.

This places Ireland as the 9th out of 27 countries. Out of the five coins we asked about in our survey (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana and Ripple), Bitcoin ranks as 1st choice for crypto owners in Ireland.

Between now and the last survey, the number of crypto owners surveyed who said they held BTC has fallen from the 59.9% of respondents who said they own Bitcoin in October to 44.3% in December.

Ethereum’s popularity with crypto owners in Ireland

ETH ranks as Ireland’s 2nd choice for crypto with 26.7% of crypto owners holding Ethereum, which is above the global average of 24.4%. This places Ireland 12th for ETH ownership.

DOGE ownership in Ireland

Ireland sits 4th for DOGE ownership globally, with 23.9% saying they own the memecoin, which is above the global average of 18.5%. As far as its popularity among crypto owners in Ireland, DOGE ranks 3rd.

Solana adoption in Ireland

During the December survey, we decided to also ask if respondents in Ireland owned Solana. Solana ranks as the 5th most popular coin, with 11.3% of crypto owners saying they hold the coin, which is below the global average of 15.5%.

Popularity of Ripple in Ireland

Ripple ranks as Ireland’s 4th most popular coin, with 14.9% of crypto owners saying they hold Ripple. The global average is for Ripple ownership sits at 16.8%, placing Ireland below the global average.

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