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I am not the biggest coffee fan in the world nor tea for that matter but never turn a cup down if out or visiting friends and so on, this machine has no real tech to it but there is an app to help you along with things and it has buttons that light up and so on but it is a new experience for a non coffee maestro, coffee is a huge industry here and across the world and we pay for dearly at the likes of Costa and Starbucks which sport a loyalty card club people proudly dish out at tills and think they are part of something elite, that is just my take on the coffee world from observing and I have my own name for such folk which I cant repeat here but I do get it dont get me wrong each to their own, I prefer a can of coke or bottle of water and I am sure there is names for my like. I do like cappuccino more so and get that taste matters and with having only used the traditional at home method mostly for tea and coffee due to not frequenting coffee shops every day of my life I see the difference in a machine like this has over the old fashioned method and it is huge..

The smell, taste and experience changes it and in fact I may now drink more coffee and god bless turn into what I cant call here. This is my first coffee machine to check out and I have to make that clear, some other tech friends of mine here and abroad have done the same and I have turned down several times the offer to look into one and I am glad I did until now. I am no coffee expert or overnight one either for that like some have seem to become.

A Sage rep has said: ‘The kitchen remains at the heartland of every home, where wannabe-masterchefs can experiment from the comfort of their own space, and with Sage, the restaurant quality results using our products shows no sign of easing up. From pizza to coffee, 

there are so many opportunities to enjoy the process and now more than ever as we’re spending more time at home. With that, we’re excited to open up the Sage family to launch the Bambino® as the perfect espresso machine to enter and explore the full aromatic complexity of Third Wave coffee at home.’


As mentioned I normally get the spoon cup and jar affair but always wondered what difference these machines make, now when I say machines I mean ones in petrol stations not the ones you see in the likes of bewleys and so on, I am familiar with other brands that have machines and they deliver good ads on the TV and make it tempting even down to the pods you get and I just never bothered trying them out, some friends have them, most do not and never tried this method and now it has me interested, the machine is well built looks more expensive than it should be and easy to clean which is important and it also looks great on the kitchen press, much to some friends surprise when they came in and seen it they asked me if I way OK which was funny but I explain what is going on and they get it, not only that they became curious too and had a taste and all was good.. So overall for me testing this machine and the first coffee machine remember it has been all good.

Sage Bambino

Just like anything else I review I give my opinion, our ears differ this is something often brought up by attention seeking folk and being a fair point it is a moot one when you test more than many and you can tell good sound from bad but when it comes to taste again this will differ, in general coffee for me was never an item in my shopping basket you could say but having drinking tea and coffee the old fashioned way and now using this machine there’s a difference and big one at that so you can take what you like from that and this is just my humble opinion.

What the Sage Bambino is all about..

The Bambino delivers barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter that holds 18-19 grams of coffee for full flavour and a powerful steam wand to create silky microfoam milk that will have at home baristas creating impressive latte art. Perfect for those with busy schedules, the Bambino® proprietary Thermojet® heating system means the machine is ready to start making incredible espresso in just 3 seconds. 

The faster way to professional results at home. Like professional machines, the Bambino can deliver third wave specialty coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 18-19 grams of coffee for full flavour and a powerful steam wand to create microfoam required for latte art. With a proprietary ThermoJet heating system the machine is ready to start in 3 seconds. 

The simple to use, four button interface of the Bambino belies a complex machine that takes all the guesswork out of at home espresso. The state-of-the-art design ensures the right dose of freshly ground beans, precise temperature control thanks to an integrated PID, and optimal water pressure for both espresso and microfoam milk delivered via its 15 bar Italian pump. 

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