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Bitcoin was created in January 2009. A decentralized authority handles it. The abbreviation of Bitcoin is BTC. The network through which bitcoins are traded and transactions are done is mining. Currently, 17 million bitcoins have been mined, and nearly the number will increase up to 12 million bitcoins. It’s fine to think why people are investing in bitcoin so much? Definitely because of the profit.

If you also want to profit but don’t know about investing in bitcoin in the stock market, then read till the end. 

Before buying the bitcoin: 

Before investing in bitcoin in the stock market, you need to learn about its privacy and security. Making transactions from a private key to a public address is not complicated at all. Anyone who gains your private key can efficiently perform transactions. You should keep your private key protected to prevent it from stealing.

Everyone is allowed to see the history of transactions made on the blockchain. The best method to prevent hackers from getting into your bitcoin trading market, is to make different public addresses and distribute your bitcoins among them.

Time to buy the bitcoin:

Now, after knowing to protect your account, you are ready to buy bitcoin. Following are some simple steps to buy bitcoins:

Choosing a crypto-trading service:

Choosing a crypto trading service is the first step towards buying bitcoin. Popular crypto trading services are:

  • Payment services.
  • Brokerages.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you want to choose the best one, then go for cryptocurrency exchanges because it offers a wide range of features.

You can sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency. While creating an account for cryptocurrency exchange, make sure to use safe internet places and create a long, complicated password. Not every platform asks you to enter your complete personal information because most are decentralized. 

Connecting exchange to a payment option:

After choosing an exchange, collect all your documents. Creating an account will ask for your driving license, source of funds, or national identity card. All of this information will be used to verify your identity.

After the verification, you have to connect to a payment option. You are free to choose a debit card or credit card for this purpose. Don’t forget to ask for the cryptocurrency exchanging opportunities they are providing you with.

Primarily, an amount is also deducted per transaction. The price of the deduction depends on the amount you are making. 

Placing an order:

After choosing an exchange, verifying your identity, and creating your account, now it’s time to place an order. There was a dark cloud, or we can say lack of knowledge when people were not interested in investing in bitcoin. Some people thought it was some kind of fraud and just a rumor, but now everyone knows what it is. The reason was clear: The concept of virtual money was new to them. Click this link to start your bitcoin journey.

Cryptocurrency offers several ways and methods to invest. You can make market orders as well as limit orders. Some of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms also allow you to make stop-loss orders.

Safe Storage:

People use bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets to store digital assets more safely. If all your cryptocurrency is in your personal wallet, then you can make any transaction without the fear of being hacked. You are allowed to keep your funds out of the exchange to ensure its safety.

Some wallets allow you to transact bitcoin-only, while others allow different types of altcoins. Usually, Wallets are not recommended for long-term cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions because of the risk of being traced.  Wallets are differentiated on the following two bases:

  1. Hot wallets.
  2. Cold wallets.

Besides these methods, you can also invest in bitcoins through the following methods:

  • Buying bitcoin with PayPal.
  • Buying bitcoin with a credit card.
  • Bitcoins ATMs.
  • Buying bitcoin through P2p exchanges.
  • Buying Bitcoin through Mainstream Brokerages.

With these easy stages, you can invest in bitcoin without giving it a second thought. 

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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