Tronsmart Apollo Q10

The Apollo Q10 are the latest headphones on offer from Tronsmart and come in at an affordable price, these cans are over ears and very comfortable to wear even long term and are light in comparison to other offerings out there. Tronsmart have been delivering great value tech for the consumer and this is no different here.

Build and design.

They are mostly plastic like most headphones to be fair but they are robust all round and they have a simple clean look not trying to be bigger than they are the headband is comfortable and overall a lightweight pair of cans that will be ideal for any listening experience the cups are soft and nestle nicely on the ears.


This is the good thing with the headphones as it is gestures rather than buttons and they work really well, on the right cup you have the Tronsmart logo and behind this is the gesture area for making your commands with simple swipes up/down left and right etc, we go through this in the video review below. There is an MFB button on the headset which one might confuse it for a power on/off but this gives you access to your voice assistant only. The power on/off button and USB-C port are hidden underneath the arm of the headphones which is a strange placement but they are there but even for me it took me a minute to find them.


Sound is great and better than one might expect also you have access to the Tronsmart app which gives you additional options with an EQ that is notably different in their standard setup you can also customise your own EQ setting highs lows and mids are clear and there is good bass here especially with the EQ and loud volume too, for music gaming films and more they pass the test for a really great experience for anyone who invests in them.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 techbuzzireland
Tronsmart Apollo Q10 techbuzzireland

ANC and Mics

ANC works well here and will block out most if not all the outside world I recently seen the dumbest tech quote from a “tech journalist” who likes to also lash out stock image reviews with little context saying bloggers waffle on about ANC and who would use it then goes on to say who would use it, ANC is a feature most people want to block the outside world and be immersed in their music or whatever they might be doing with their headphones or earbuds and it is a feature that I would not live without and on these headphones it works well,there is 5 mics on this headset and two mic ports on top of the headphones.


Battery life is great with a max of 100 hours you will get less with ANC and high volume use which is the standard for me but overall a good battery life with a 10 minute charge giving you three hours of use which is nice.


Overall these are a worthy pair of headphones for their price and deliver on the audio experince if you are on a budget and need new headphones you perhaps should check these out.


  • 5 Mics for 35dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling.
  • 40mm Dynamic Neodymium Speaker.
  • Patented Power-saving Technology.
  • Up to 100-hour of Playtime.
  • Three Modes Switchable for Different Scenarios.
  • Convenient Multifunctional Touch Control.
  • 360° Foldable Design for Comfortable Wearing.
  • Supports APP Function.

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