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Sades spirits are a simple plug and play option pair of gaming headphones that just keeps things simple, there is no app no set up and little controls to be worried about which just makes life nice and easy, they a made from plastic and have soft cups for the ears which makes them ideal for long periods of use.

They have the familiar ratchet style extension arms both sides and the controls or lack thereof are all kept simple on one side to and this might draw up the question on how they sound with just two controls on the headset to adjust. One control is a wheel which adjusts the volume and the other is a mic control and both found on the left earcup.

The headset is light and comes in many colours too which for gamers is a win as there is no RGB lighting effects going on here at all so having the options from a big colour range will have to do the job here, The headband is comfortable which again is ideal for long periods and ideal being such a light headset.

Sades Spirits gaming headset techuzzireland
Sades Spirits gaming headset techuzzireland

Sound is fine which is what we all want to know, it will not win awards for the lack of features however being a simple plug and play you can adjust settings on your console of choice and work from there, there is 50mm speakers inside and overall they do a good job and users will be happy especially if you are a first time customer and want to try out such headphones for your set up at home. The mic works well too and is adjustable and clear both ends when gaming. The headset can be used on phones with a headphone jack and works well here too so if you have a console or phone you game on they get the job done.

Overall it is a great cost effective headset on the cheap and is fairly robust and ideal for kids more so and the range of colors available makes good for the consumer for choice. From my testing on mobile phone, PS5 Switch and Xbox one they do a good job.

Suitable for all 3.5mm interface devices. Support PS4 / XBOX ONE ( 2015 Version ) / Laptop / Mobile Devices / VR / Switch. The Y-cable(Adapter cable) is ready for connecting the PC.


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