Is someone keeping tabs on your phone with spyware? If they are, they can steal your data and know private information about you. Find out how to protect your smart device from the instruction of dangerous spy apps.

Although they may not know about it, millions of people around the world are currently being tracked by parents, employers, or their partners, thanks to spy apps. While it’s bad enough that someone has access to your private conversations and personal data, it gets worse when you realize that hackers can gain access to data retrieved by spy apps and leak them.

Luckily, every person is always interested in learning how to protect their phone, and in this article, we’ll show you how you can do it. 

How to Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Spied On?

To protect your phone from spying, you have had to get smart and become extra sensitive to abnormalities that we would otherwise disregard. If you want to know how to catch someone spying on you, just read the signs below to find out.

Unusual Sounds During Calls

It’s easy to dismiss strange sounds while making calls and attribute them to poor signals. However, this is hardly true. In fact, these types of sounds are associated with analog networks, which made way for the digital networks we now use. Therefore, if you hear distant voices, a static or clicking sound while making a call, there’s a chance you’re being spied on.

Decreased Battery Capacity

Another way we have used to find out if your phone is hacked is through battery performance. When your smartphone is being tracked with a spy app, its battery will usually drain easily. The reason is quite simple. Spy apps perform all kinds of tasks on your phone. They gather data from multiple apps and send them to a third party. Some spyware can even record conversations, take selfies, and track your internet activities. Since it’s working round the clock, it’s bound to drain your battery regularly. If you use a smartphone with a removable battery, you can take it out and insert it on a similar phone to see if it drains as quickly as it does on your phone. If it doesn’t, you’re most certainly being hacked.

Phone Shows Activity When Not in Use

If you’re not using your phone, it should be silent with the lights out. However, a phone that is being spied on will exhibit strange behaviors, including alerts, turning on and off without touching it. These strange behaviors usually happen because someone has remote access somewhere, and they’re monitoring your phone habits.

Increased Data Usage

Spy apps need a data connection to send information from your phone to a third-party device. The information could include media files like videos and pictures. Hence, it will need to use your internet connection to send. If you notice a strange increase in data usage, you’re most likely being spied on. Go to your phone settings and check data usage to see how your data is being used.

How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android and iOS?

How can you protect your phone from spyware? First, you’d have to know how to find hidden spy apps on your phone. If you can easily find them, you’d be able to protect your smartphone a lot better. Here’s how to catch someone spying on your phone: 


Most Android phones come with old hardware that allows access to malicious malware. They are also easier to root compared to iPhones. When rooted, someone can gain full access to your phone via spy apps without your knowledge. So, how do you catch them? You can fish out Android spy apps using an anti-malware tool. It scans your Android smartphone and removes spy apps and other malicious malware.

If this method doesn’t work, you can always try a full factory reset. This method will delete every app on your phone, including the ones you need. Therefore, it’s seen as a last resort. If you wish to know how to prevent spyware on Android, the best advice is to keep your phone to yourself. People can only install spyware on your phone if they have physical access to it. Keeping your phone away from people will help protect your phone from spyware. 


iPhones are usually more difficult to spy on. Their security system is more robust, and performing a jailbreak will be difficult. Yet, it’s not impossible. Check your iPhone for the Cydia app. This app promotes iPhone customization. If you find it, chances are someone has performed a jailbreak on your iPhone and a spy app is in there somewhere. If you’re looking for how to block spyware on the iPhone, you might be disappointed.

The only way to reverse a spyware attack is to perform a factory reset to remove the spy app and jailbreak.

What Are Smartphone Surveillance Apps?

Smartphone surveillance apps are software that helps you keep tabs on people’s phone habits remotely. With a spy app installed on someone’s phone, you can view their text messages, monitor their calls, and spy on their social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will also be able to monitor their location through a GPS location feature.


Is it illegal to spy on someone? Technically, it is. But some of these apps are parental software that parents use to monitor their kids. So even though spying on someone is illegal, spy apps are not. Currently, there are several spy apps on the market. If you wish to know more, read about the top Android spy software.


Can someone hack your iPhone? Absolutely. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device, you can be hacked. But how can you protect your phone from spying? The only way is to block spy apps on your phone.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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