Budgeting and money management have never been more important than in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, there are many who believe that fintech and other related technologies have nothing to do with managing your money, and they could not be more mistaken.

Fintech has made it possible for consumers to better manage their finances by giving them more control over how their money is spent. Managing your money used to be as simple as having a good connection with your local bank and talking to a financial advisor who put your money in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. While conventional techniques of money management are still useful, technology now provides many more possibilities for you to take control of your finances and become debt-free.

Apps and software applications seem to exist for just about everything these days, including keeping track of your finances. Fintech’s future may lie in money management tools, which may help you better manage your finances with the aid of technology.

How Fintech Helps People To Manage Their Budget

A wide range of applications is available to help you create a budget based on the money you earn and spend each month. Additionally, some applications can classify and monitor transactions, allowing you to know precisely how much money you spend each month in different categories. Do you ever forget to make a payment on a certain bill? Is it important for you to know how much money you have in each of your accounts on a frequent basis? You can look for apps like Pam and Mamm and find which one of these –  Pam vs Mamm allows you to set up better custom reminders, such as an alarm to remind you to pay your bills or service to make payments you would otherwise miss. In addition to direct deposit, did you know that the mobile app also allows for the sending of payments, requesting refunds, and viewing of transaction history? Additionally, you may discover applications with calculators to assist you in making investing choices, calculating your net worth, estimating your insurance requirements, and more.

To assist you save money, several applications do searches for the greatest local bargains and estimate the cost of traveling from point A to point B. Search for an application that will help you save money if you want to reduce your expenditure. The cost of food at one shop against another may be compared using apps, and you can use them to get the best gas deals in your region. The additional money you save as a result of being a smart shopper may then be used towards a long-term objective, such as retirement.

You may be able to locate other money-related applications if you look around. You should be aware of the possibility of being hacked despite the fact that many applications and services offer protection.

Please use caution when disclosing personal information such as your bank account number, earnings history, purchase history, or credit card number.

Following a budget is an excellent method to keep track of your spending, no matter who you are. It’s critical for seniors on a limited income, but anybody may benefit from tracking their monthly spending and learning how to be more frugal with their money. Making a budget may help you save more money, save you from falling into debt, and allow you to do things like go on vacation that you would not have been able to do.

Future Of Fintech

Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cloud computing are changing the way customers engage with the businesses they buy from and the way they manage their money. Despite the fact that established participants in the financial services sector may see FinTech as a disruptor, individuals that embrace technological innovation are reshaping the business from the outside in and prospering where traditional firms failed. To make money management simpler and more effective, FinTech businesses are currently driving the market by developing an array of innovative financial products and services.

It’s now easier and less expensive to get money from a bank since obtaining money via loans and mortgages has become less opaque and more accessible thanks to new methods like crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending. New, non-traditional ways of distributing money have enabled investors to prosper while offering individuals who may not qualify for a conventional loan the money they need via resources access to the money they need.

Financial markets, which were originally developed in a pre-digital era, are undergoing significant upheaval and innovation. Algorithmic or automated trading is now possible on stock markets thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In order to anticipate probable future occurrences, prediction markets use aggregate data from connections and network intelligence. Individuals now have access to trading tools that were previously exclusively accessible to institutional investors.

As a result of FinTech, financial service providers are able to expand into new markets, while customers in underserved regions now have access to services that were previously out of reach thanks to mobile devices. For FinTech firms, reaching underserved customers in Asia and the Southern Hemisphere opens up hitherto untapped market opportunities.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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