Quntis 15W Wireless Charging Pad-With 20W Power Adapter,

As we know Apple are very generous when you buy a new iPhone and you get no charging brick as they call it inside and then when you go to buy one they are expensive and do not offer near the power other brands offer you for half the price, luckily enough third party sellers can save the day with better cheaper alternatives and Quntis have just dropped a new option for your iPhone.

This is a simple job and does more than magsafe, it also offers a build in kickstand to mount your device and you can charge and still use your phone for consuming media and also the magnet is stronger, I have the magsafe charger and can confirm it is stronger than the one Apple sell. You can also hold the device with the charging plate on too for added security whilst holding it and overall it makes for a nice addition to your accessory collection for the new iPhone and compatible models..


Quntis 15W Wireless Charging Pad-With 20W Power Adapter,
Quntis 15W Wireless Charging Pad-With 20W Power Adapter,
  • Quntis wireless charger is specially developed for iPhone 13 and 12, this 15W wireless magnetic charger has 38 high-strength magnets to strongly absorb to the iPhone 12, so it will be able to attract and charge. Compared with the previous wireless magnetic charger, it optimizes the problem of insufficient magnetic attraction. It can have stronger suction power, and the phone will not slip off easily when charging.
  • 20W Power Adapter: To solve the problems of mismatch and unsafe charging caused by non-standard plugs in the past, the magnetic wireless charger is now equipped with a matching 20W power adapter. In addition to solving your one-stop purchase problem, this power adapter can also be used with the original cable, which can not only achieve the 20W fast charging effect, but also greatly enhances the safety.

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