Leading early learning toy brand, PlayShifu, has launched the first-ever phygital board games that help merge essential skills with playtime. Built on innovative touch technology and AI, Tacto by PlayShifu turns your tablet into an interactive game to play with real figurines that drive the gameplay on screen.
Whether to further your child’s learning during playtime or upgrade family game nights, innovative phygital toys are the new norm. And Tacto by PlayShifu is a must-have!
Children can master the basics of coding with Tacto Coding and learn all about dinosaurs with Tacto Dino. They can explore the science of light with Tacto Laser and learn to play Chess the easiest way with Tacto Chess. They can play all-time favourite board games like Ludo, Checkers or Naughts & Crosses with a storytelling twist on Tacto Classics. There’s something for everyone on Tacto. Children as young as four can learn essential foundational and S.T.E.A.M. skills whilst enjoying their favourite games.
Tacto is the third flagship line from PlayShifu – the pioneers behind Orboot and Plugo – with all products focusing on building a full spectrum of foundation skills — S.T.E.M., S.T.E.A.M., and beyond — through fun interactive gameplay.

Available to purchase in the Tacto game sets are:
  • Tacto Classics: Add a fun twist of storytelling to all-time favourite board games. Outwit friends and family in brain-teasing strategy games and develop planning skills and foundational maths along the way.
  • Tacto Chess: Traditional chess figurines meet modern characters in digital gameplay. Learn to play the ultimate strategy game through a unique AI-driven learning mode or battle it out in story-based settings with family or friends.
  • Tacto Laser: Explore the science of light with thrilling story-based games. Reflect the light or split it into seven colours to overcome obstacles and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Tacto Coding: Programme your way through each level with story-based gameplay. Use visual cues to code as a beginner, or use Scratch if you’re familiar with the basics.
  • Tacto Dino: With interactive games and activities, this game set takes children back in time to the prehistoric world and brings alive their favourite dinosaurs.
“Screen time is a worry for every parent, and knowing how much is too much is always difficult. We want to help parents by making screen time a positive learning experience and hands-on. It’s such a great opportunity for kids to learn in an environment that is engaging for them and lets parents be involved as much as they want to.” said co-founder and CEO Vivek Goyal.
“We are thrilled to introduce our Tacto line and continue to help foster foundational skills in children around the world,” added co-founder Dinesh Advani.
Four of the five Tacto game sets—Classics, Laser, Coding, and Chess—will be available on PlayShifu.com, Amazon & Very from 26th October. Tacto Dino will be rolling out in November. Each Tacto set is priced at £49.99 and comes with a unique set of figurines. Tacto also comes with frames that hold the tablet securely. All five gaming sets work with the free Tacto app and have three or more story-based games with hundreds of levels in each.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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