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Are you confident that your tiny lights are catching enough attention? What will happen when your rear cycling light suddenly dies mid-ride? We all know how dangerous this can be – you are suddenly invisible to drivers on the road.

Frustrated with dead bicycle lights, two avid cyclists Francis and David from Singapore have developed a simple super reflector called Blincc Hex and Blincclip. To enhance road safety, the clever reflector attracts more driver’s attention because it ‘blinks’ as you ride your bicycle.

Francis and David Blincc
Francis and David founders of Blincc

Here’s how!

Blincc Hex: True 360 Degree and Dynamic Reflector.

Blincc Hex is a 360 degree and dynamic reflective decal that installs on virtually any bicycle. Blincc Hex will always be there blinking and reflecting headlights from wherever they approach. It gets you noticed while still being sleek! But..isn’t reflective decals already in usedSo why Blincc Hex?

5 Reasons why:

Super durable with enhanced protective layer.

Thin, light and flexible to allow fitting on complex profiles and edges.

Made of high-quality 3M brightness performance.

Modular design, it will appear different just by pasting it slightly differently.

Simple to install / uninstall and can be applied almost everywhere.

Blincc Hex will appear spinning swiftly when you apply it on your bicycle pedals. It creates dynamic rotational movement when pasted on the rim of the wheels. Additional Hex can be pasted on the seat stay and the front fork of the bike to ensure 360-degree visibility.

Each Blincc Hex pack includes 12 small Hex (0.3 grams each) and 4 long Hex (0.6 grams each). They don’t add much weight nor any air drag to your cycling experience while providing significant visibility at night.



Blincclip: The First Self Blinking Super Bright Reflector.


Successfully funded over 450% on Kickstarter in December 2019, Blincclip hangs freely on the saddle rails (or saddlebags). It swivels back and forth following the movement of your pedalling which creates the blinking effect. It blinks lightly during your normal ride and blinks rapidly when you accelerate, plus, it will go static when you brake. It acts like the high-tech rear light that you bought last summer for more than a hundred bucks, except that it lasts forever and needs no charging.

Apart from clipping it on the saddle rail, Blincclip can be hanged to bags and helmet with the included string. At 1mm thin and 3 grams light, you can unclip it and store it in your wallet, if you wish. Blincclip is two sided with red on one side (for night) and fluorescent yellow on the other (for day).

Blincclip Kickstarter Campaign (Successfully Funded, on 2nd Run)


The Concept

Both Blincc Hexand Blincclip are using the ‘free’ movement power to get the reflector to appear blinking. Moving or blinking objects will be much more attention grabbing than the static ones as our exceptional primal vision is built to notice “change”. Both of these paper-thin technologies may save your life at times when you need it most.


We always solve problems with the simplest solution and we practice price fairness across our product as we believe cycling safety is NOT a luxury.

Kickstarter campaign for Blincc Hex starts at SGD $11 (USD $8) a pack and goes as low as SGD $9 (USD $7) for multiple packs.

Blincc Hex and Blincclipbundle packs starts at only SGD $23 (US $17) a pack.

Recommended Retail Price for Blincclip and Blincc Hex will be at SGD $15 (USD $11) each.

Reviews soon on techbuzzireland.com Support the guys over here on kickstarter



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