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As most are aware Google have launched a new range of home security products and the latest to hit the shelf is their new outdoor camera with floodlights thrown in for good measure and this time it is wired, some might not like the idea of a wired product however if it suits and you have an outdoor connection box this saves you having to drill through a wall and is also one less camera to charge.

By no means is this a small unit you can see the full unboxing here and from that point of view it is a deterrent alone, the camera that mounts onto the floodlight is the same as the other one we reviewed which is the outdoor cam for those wondering, it is the same unit and will match your existing set-up. I have this placed out my back garden pointing towards the office and my neighbours have noticed how bright it is which is a good sign and it also helps them when they are out late at night and from my point of view it is excellent should you need to be out the back garden late say putting out the bins etc.

Set-Up is simple enough however this time around it might not suit all due to the wiring required, I have an existing outside socket which worked for me but you can go through a wall if required with a verified electrician of course, but you do need to get up on a ladder and drill 4 holes to mount the mounting plate, we have done a different video review with this one and is a vlog style and you can watch that below and also get a look at what you get and what is in the app as there is the floodlight to think about here which has a simple intuitive control to brighten and dim it or just turn it on or off.

This camera is for someone who wants a decent light and especially with the dark evenings and mornings with us now it ideal to have this as part of your setup and besides that keeping your property secure, this is also something that has invested in Google Products like myself and with that you get an entire ecosystem which is better than having several types and then everything is at your fingertips on your smartphone in one app which for me is the right route to go.

The bonus of having the wired camera is that you do not have to keep charging it where as the wireless versions do require charging every now and then and that is one major benefit here, even though wired may seem like trouble having to set up it can be done quite simply so do not let that get in the way of a solid purchase if you are already invested in Google hardwear and want to get this floodlight


See the full video below for a look at the set up, the app and its features.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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