Swing traders buy stocks for a couple of days before selling them for profits when the price has increased. This is the aim in the end. If this is something you’re interested in, the best way to get started is to quickly pick the most appropriate stocks to invest in the beginning. Consider first the large-cap stocks since they have a lot of shares that change in the blink of an eye which makes them simple to purchase and sell fast.

In the same way, liquidity is an important element to look at when looking for potential swing trading candidates.

How to Choose Swing Stocks

Then, look for stocks that are relatively stable and don’t have extreme fluctuation. Don’t look for huge moves. Look to buy stocks with a trend that is either way and with constant price actions and with no excitement. It is your goal to earn a living instead of making a profit.

Three stocks were chosen for the reasons of their liquidity and their steady price movement. Begin following these stocks and making small trades on paper. After that, you can move on to real-time trades using real dollars. Train yourself to be aware of the indications that indicate what time to purchase and the best time to sell, but first, learn how to buy shares and remember that market conditions change frequently and the strategy that worked in the past might not always yield profits in the future.

Microsoft Corp.

You can also trade Microsoft ( MSFT) shares in the same way you trade Facebook. It is true that the 50-day moving average acts as a rough guideline to the low trendline, but not quite as well as Facebook’s. The upper trendline is somewhat ragged, and this is an excellent opportunity to discover the sense of the times when the stock will be able to increase and decrease.

But, the stock is trending consistently enough to be able to be sure to remain in the same pattern for a while, and you can learn to set your sell and buy points frequently. Draw a line along the highs to find the approximate amount you need to sell. Keep in mind that the longer the trendline the more likely the likelihood that the line is correct. Around 24 million shares were sold and bought every day until April 2020.


Facebook ( FB) is a fantastic option for those who want to learn to invest in trends. If you take a look at the graph of the stock it is evident that when the stock rises up, the low points in the pattern are all aligned. It is possible to sketch an approximate line between the lowest points. This can be the lowest trend line. Each time the stock crosses that line, it moves up and up.

The reason this stock is beneficial, to begin with, is the fact that the top trend line has been pre-drawn for you. Be sure to show the 50-day moving mean. This is the lowest trend line of this stock at the present date.

Similar to drawing the trend line along with the highest points the stock reaches. When Facebook gets to that higher trend line, it’s likely to fall back to its lowest trend line. Be aware that these lines are not exact. It is important to learn the ability to recognize when the price of the stock is set to change, and not depend on a strict adhesion to the line you’ve drawn.

Around 16.3 million shares were traded every day in April 2020. This means it’s simple to locate both buyers and sellers.2 This signifies that the stocks are liquid, and you’re likely to not be trapped should they begin to decline.

Apple Inc.

The shares from Apple Inc. ( AAPL) require more care than MSFT and Facebook. The stock is rising and is a good opportunity to learn how to make money by trading the news. Apple has a variety of product announcements and launches that affect the value of the stock. Be on the lookout for these announcements and observe how the stock reacts. This is an added factor to your trading swing. You can observe the technological indicators on the charts and then combine the data together with the basics of the firm to assist you in timing your trades. More than 24 million shares are sold and bought every day, until April 2020.4

Final Words

For those who are looking to start your swing trading journey, it’s simpler for yourself by selecting stocks that are consistent in displaying well-established charts. Most commonly, large-cap stocks with adequate liquidity, such as MSFT, FB, and AAPL are great locations to begin. Then, you can begin making forecasts about the peak and valleys of the charts and you may soon be in the flow of swing trading.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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